How To Study For Epic Certification?


How To Study For Epic Certification
What Is Epic Certification? – Epic certification is for IT professionals in the health industry that work with Epic software. To become Epic certified, candidates must go through a training program and then take and pass a certification exam. In many cases, to be admitted into an Epic training program, you must have sponsorship from an employer.
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Can I learn epic online?

Our Epic Online Learning option is an easy to use, interactive and self-paced learning program. How do I gain access to Online Learning? Our Access to Online Learning page contains login instructions and a link to launch Online Learning. What courses do I need to take?

  • Every NorthShore University HealthSystem (NorthShore) provider must first complete Inpatient (IP) Physician,
  • Anyone making rounds to an outpatient setting will need to complete Ambulatory after IP Physician, Your confirmation letter will indicate if it is required.
  • Anyone working in the Emergency Department will need to complete Emergency Department,
  • Your confirmation letter will indicate which of the following courses and assessments is required:
    • Inpatient (IP) Physician
    • Inpatient (IP) Physician Assessment
    • Ambulatory after IP Physician (pre-requisite, Inpatient Physician)
    • Ambulatory after IP Physician Assessment
    • Emergency Department after IP Physician (pre-requisite, Inpatient Physician)
    • NPD – Disease Specific Certification for Diabetes – Providers and Mid-Level Providers

How long does it take to complete each course? Each course is comprised of lessons that each take 5-10 minutes. Complete the lessons at several sittings, if desired.

  • Inpatient Physician (21 lessons & assessments): up to 8 hours
  • Ambulatory EMR after IP Physician (29 lessons): 5 hours
  • Emergency Department (5 lessons): 1.5 hours

The Assessments require at least 60 minutes and will not bookmark if you exit before scoring is completed. When does my online training need to be completed? To ensure that you receive appropriate security access to the system, your online training must be completed 5 business days prior to your start date with NorthShore.

  • Ambulatory after IP Physician
  • Emergency Department

Step 3 : Obtain your Epic User ID and Password

During regular business hours: Contact your Physician Epic Training Coordinator.

Weekends 7 a.m. – 12 p.m.: Page a NorthShore onsite Hospital Based Trainer. You must present him/her with a photo ID to gain access. Evanston Hospital : Dial 822 once inside the NorthShore system and page 8950 Glenbrook Hospital : Dial 822 once inside the NorthShore system and page 8952 Highland Park : Dial 822 once inside the NorthShore system and page then 8954

Weekends after 12 p.m.: Contact the help desk at 847.982.5170

Important Note: It may take up to 48 hours to activate your User ID and Password upon successful completion of the assessment. Help and Support Hours 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. CDT Monday to Friday

  1. NorthShore Support: Help Desk at 847.982.5170
  2. Non-NorthShore Technical help: Contact Help support at 514.744.3317 or email [email protected], You will receive a response within 24 hours.

Clinical Inpatient Epic Trainer Evanston Hospital – 847.570.1100 Glenbrook Hospital – 847.657.3700 Highland Park Hospital – 847.926.6700 Skokie Hospital – 847.933.6220 Monday – Friday 7 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. Saturday – Sunday 7 a.m. -12 p.m. *You will receive a response within 24 hours Clinical Ambulatory Epic Trainer
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How hard is the Epic test?

Is The Epic Certification Exam Hard? – The short answer is, yes. The Epic certification test is very challenging. However, the training materials and instructors are very helpful. Remember, they want you to know the system back and forth, but they also want you to have all the information you need to be successful. Some exam tips include:

Don’t skip any parts of the exam, and read all parts of the exercises carefully Finish your project before the exam Practice makes perfect — instead of book study, focus on spending plenty of time practicing using the system

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Is it hard to learn Epic?

Why is Epic EMR so bad? – Epic EMRs are known to cause stress and burnout among physicians, who feel that they spend too much time working on EMRs. Clinicians who tried to complete their EMR entries and talk to patients at the same time are also more susceptible to errors.

  1. Physicians experience burnout because of not being able to keep up with the EMR system.
  2. Patients were also reported to be stressed, due to being skeptical of the information their doctors were noting down.
  3. Epic is also difficult to learn, and the certification process can be very challenging.
  4. Vast amounts of data need to be logged for every patient visit and procedure.

Other reasons why it was found to be bad were the low-quality training, unfair pricing, poor customer support, and insufficient data entry.
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What programming language does Epic Games use?

Verse is a programming language developed by Epic Games that you can use to create your own gameplay in Unreal Editor for Fortnite, including customizing your devices for Fortnite Creative.
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Can you work remotely for Epic?

Epic is a software system used to organize, store, and create electronic medical records (EMR). As a remote Epic analyst, you work from home and perform your duties via an internet connection.
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Is Epic like steam?

About Epic Games Store –

  1. Unlike Steam, Epic Games Store is a much more recent platform or store since it was launched at the end of 2018.
  2. There comes the point where choosing which platform to use depends mainly on your preferences since if you are a Fortnite lover, the only official way to play this video game is through the Epic Games Store.
  3. However, this exclusivity that Epic Games has had has transferred to other great titles that are very popular and have a large community of players.

How To Study For Epic Certification Credit: Epic Games Examples of this were Borderlands 3 and Metro Exodus, titles released on this platform before Steam and any other. But, nowadays, it is more common to find this kind of deal in so-called “AA” titles and indie games. But two of the most significant advantages Epic Games has over Steam are the variety of free games they offer and the discount coupons.
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How long is epic interview?

Multiple interviews including a 2 hr long test. The test goes over many facets of IT, logic puzzles, and others. The interviews are mostly behavioral with a few technical questions thrown in.
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Can I use calculator on epic assessment?

You are allowed the use of a basic calculator (not your phone or computer’s calculator). You’re also allowed the use of scratch paper. The paper should be loose leaf, not a notebook. You’ll be required to show the Proctor any scratch paper you’re using.
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Can you use calculator on epic skills assessment?

Only basic calculators will be allowed during the assessments. Please don’t plan to use your computer’s calculator – navigating away from the assessments will cause them to automatically pause.
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Is Epic completely free?

FAQ – What is Epic reading app? Epic is a subscription-based reading app aimed at kids ages 2-12. It provides access to an extensive library of tens of thousands of high quality books, audiobooks, videos and more that can be used across a variety of devices, such as laptop/s and desktops, mobile devices, Smart TVs, and more.

  • How much is epic books? Epic has two subscription levels.
  • They have a free version, which is nice for testing the reading app out but is limited in how many books you can read and how long you can read with it per week (2 hours).
  • Otherwise, Epic Unlimited will cost you $7.99 per month, or $71.99 per year if you pre-pay.

Is epic books worth it? With a curated selection of tens of thousands of high quality books, audiobooks, read alongs, educational videos and interactive quizzes at your fingertips for under $10 per month, we think Epic is definitely worth the money. Content aside, Epic is well designed, gamified, has a wide breadth and depth of content and provides useful information for parents to get a better idea about their children’s reading progress. How To Study For Epic Certification About the Author David Belenky is a freelance writer, former science and math tutor and a tech enthusiast. When he’s not writing about educational tech, he likes to chill out with his family and dog at home. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits.
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What is the disadvantage of Epic?

Page 2 – and have a reputation for being difficult to work with, but some are definitely better than others. The question is, how much better? In a NextGen vs Epic EMR comparison, both are very popular electronic medical record software systems, but how do they stand up against one another? Here’s a feature-by-feature breakdown of Epic vs NextGen. Compare EMR Pricing & Costs with our Pricing Guide Both these systems offer comprehensive and robust EMR capabilities including, vitals and measurements, prescription templates, ePrescribing, and more. Every system will have pros and cons, many of which depend on your unique,

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Here’s a brief overview of the advantages and disadvantages of vs, NextGen offers two scalable solutions — Office and Enterprise — that are suited for a range of practices and hospitals. It lets users customize the system to both specialty and industry needs. NextGen’s rich reporting features make it an appealing and competitive option for some practices.

Some drawbacks to NextGen are typical to many EMRs. Some users report a complex and cumbersome UX interface, as well as slow upgrades that can bring the system grinding to a halt. Vendor support is also lacking in many reviews of this product. EpicCare’s EMR specializes in academic medical centers and large healthcare organizations — like my provider, Kaiser Permanente, for example — and offers an extensive range of services.

It is one of the most widely used healthcare IT systems in the US and covers hundreds of thousands of patients. Epic’s shortcomings come in the form of integration and price. Epic discourages its users from sharing data with any other software systems. It even charges a fee to send data to non-Epic platforms.

This contributes to the price tag that pushes some users away.
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How much can you make with Epic?

The average Epic salary ranges from approximately $51,587 per year for Accounting Assistant to $182,544 per year for Director. Average Epic hourly pay ranges from approximately $16.09 per hour for Student Assistant to $37.54 per hour for Software Engineer.
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Are games written in C# or C++?

Garbage Collection – Garbage collection (GC) refers to the process of collecting or gaining memory back when it’s not currently being used by parts of an application. One of the differences between C# and C++ is that C# code runs on a virtual machine with built-in automatic garbage collection while C++ needs manual memory management.

  • This language-level difference translates into difference when developing your app in Unity or Unreal Engine.
  • For example, Unity uses modified Mono as its virtual compiler and there’s not much Unity developers can do in terms of memory management other than relying on Mono’s built-in garbage collection system which is not always optimal.

Unreal Engine 4 also utilizes a garbage collector engineered directly by Epic. However, Unreal Engine developers can avoid using a built-in garbage collector altogether and instead rely on best practices for resource management. Comparing memory management in C++ and C#, it all comes down to the developers’ experience.
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Is it hard to learn C++?

Is C++ hard to learn? – C++ is known to be one of the most difficult programming languages to learn over other popular languages like Python and Java. C++ is hard to learn because of its multi-paradigm nature and more advanced syntax, While it’s known to be especially difficult for beginners to learn, it’s also difficult for programmers with no experience with low-level languages.

While it does take more time to write C++ code, the language has been modernized to present high-level abstractions, These abstractions can be used to code very efficiently. You can write code quickly with C++ 14, C++ 17, and C++ 20. While some developers suggest learning C before C++, others argue that if you’re interested in working with C++ in your career or in personal projects, there’s no need to dedicate time to learning C (unless you want to, of course!).

If you’re completely new to programming, it’s important to learn computer programming in a language-agnostic way. There are many fundamental concepts that are critical to software development as a whole. You can set yourself up for success by learning those fundamentals first, so you can dive into a language feeling prepared and confident.
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Are games coded in C++?

The C++ is exceptional with memory management, providing more control, flexibility, and more of gaming resources. – Have you ever thought about how fan-favorite AAA games like Call of Duty, Assassin Creed, and Counter-Strike are developed and which programming languages they use? Today, the gaming industry is worth billions of dollars, run by high-end game development studios, filled with talented designers and developers, and loved by an overwhelming number of passionate gamers.

  1. The gaming industry is expected to reach USD 314 billion by the end of 2026 compared to USD 173 billion in 2021.
  2. With the growth of the gaming market, new game development studios are entering the gaming ecosystem every year, delivering more advanced and immersive gaming experiences.
  3. C++ plays an important role in today’s game development ecosystem.

C++ is used in the source code of many major game engines, such as Unreal and Unity, allowing developers to build more high-performant games. Let’s see why C++ is a better programming language for game development.
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Is it easy to get a job at Epic Games?

How Hard Is It to Land a Job at Epic Games? – Most jobs at Epic Games are hard to get due to the stiff competition. Hiring managers sift through countless resumes and portfolios, and they reject many applications within seconds. You can reduce the chances of your application being rejected by asking friends and family for feedback, applying for multiple positions, and applying for the same job several times.
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Can you make phone calls in Epic?

Go to Epic>Patient Care>Click Telephone Call OR click Telephone Call from the Epic Toolbar.
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Can I access Epic from abroad?

Travelling Abroad | epic The 112 emergency phone number is available everywhere in the EU, free of charge. How does it work?

  • Call 112 from fixed or mobile lines to contact any emergency service: an ambulance, the fire fighters or the police.
  • A specially trained operator will answer any 112 call. The operator will either deal with the request directly or transfer the call to the most appropriate emergency service.
  • Operators in many countries can speak their national language, English or French.
  • Operators can identify where the caller is physically located and will pass this location to the emergency services so that they can help you right away.
  • 112 is used in some countries outside the EU – such as Switzerland and South Africa – and is available worldwide on GSM networks. This means you can dial 112 from a mobile anywhere in the world and get help.

Important Information

  • In some countries, 112 functions alongside national emergency numbers.
  • Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal, Romania and Sweden use 112 as their only national emergency number.
  • The 112 operators are only for emergencies. They do not provide traffic and weather reports, general information or answers to queries.
  • Calling 112 for non-emergencies is a waste of time and money for the emergency operators. They can also be dangerous; as hoax calls to emergency services may be a criminal offence in some countries

It is very common to connect to a neighbouring country’s mobile network whilst roaming close to country borders. Refer to the country and the respective quoted rates being specified in your last received roaming welcome SMS sent by Epic to understand what are the applicable rates on the network you are roaming on.

Also note that roaming rates whilst travelling by air or sea are not covered by the EU regulation, however you shall still receive a roaming welcome SMS stating the applicable roaming rates and the bill shock preventor will still monitor your data roaming spend whilst in transit (data cut off limit at €59 and €118, including VAT).

To avoid unexpected roaming charges while on a flight or at sea, consider putting your phone in ‘flight mode’ whilst in transit on this methods of transportation. ‘Flight Mode’ will disable your voice, data, SMS services, as well as Wi-Fi, so don’t forget to take your phone off this mode once you have arrived at your destination.

  • If you are experiencing trouble to connect to a network whilst roaming, check out the below tips
  • Connecting on a Roaming Mobile Network
  • Your phone will automatically connect to the Epic preferred network to get the best roaming experience. If this doesn’t happen, you can manually search for a network by following these instructions:
  • Go to the Settings menu on your phone
  • Go on Connections
  • Choose More Networks
  • Choose Mobile Networks
  • Go to Network operators
  • Select Search networks and Pick a Network

Using Data Roaming Make sure your device is not on ‘Flight Mode’ and that both ‘Mobile Data’ and ‘Data Roaming’ are switched on. Also, the APN (Access Point Name) in your device (excluding iPhone devices) must be configured to ‘internet ‘. To check that you have the correct APN or change APN settings on your device, please follow the guide,

  • Premium rated services are provided by private companies for a higher price than ordinary calls or SMS when used from Malta or whilst roaming abroad.
  • Such services typically include charity donations, voting activities, TV competitions and subscriptions services.
  • Please be aware that voice calls or SMS to international numbers used for value-added services like premium-rated, freephone, or shared cost numbers of foreign countries are not part of your plan’s allocation and use of such services will result in excess charges both locally or whilst roaming anywhere in the world including in the EU & UK.

Calling or sending an SMS to Maltese freephone numbers or Maltese premium rate numbers whilst roaming may also be more expensive.

  1. If you are not sure whether a number is premium-rated or not, we advise avoiding calling or messaging such numbers.
  2. Calling EU/UK Premium Numbers when in EU/UK
  3. Such calls are charged on a per minute basis at the following rates:
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Calling From Calling To New Rates
EU/UK EU Premium Zone A € 0.50c per minute
EU Premium Zone B € 1.00c per minute
EU Premium Zone C € 2.75c per minute


  • To check under which Zone the prefix falls into click
  • Calling non-EU/UK International Premium Numbers when in EU/UK and the rest of the world.
  • Such calls are charged on a per minute basis at the following rates:
  • Calling From Calling To New Rates
    EU/UK Zone A € 0.50c per minute + ‘Calling Non-EU/UK’ rate (Applicable by country)
    Zone B € 1.00c per minute
    Zone C € 2.75c per minute

    To check the ‘Calling Non-EU/UK’ base rate for the country you are roaming in, click, To check under which Zone the prefix falls into click Epic provides roaming services in partnership with other network providers in the country you are visiting. We do our utmost to ensure that the quality-of-service conditions whilst abroad are aligned to your experience on your home network so that you’ll get a genuine Roam Like At Home experience.

    • Nonetheless, due to factors outside our control, this may not always be possible.
    • Whilst roaming, the service quality relies on the roaming partner’s network build, quality, coverage and technological factors, other third party influences and local policies.
    • This might lead to a lower quality of service when compared to using the service locally: issues such as dropped calls, lost or undelivered SMS, slower internet speeds or other connectivity issues may occur.

    Other factors include, but are not limited to: roaming network coverage limitations based on geographical, architectural limitations, number of users on the network and within the same area as well as other seasonal activities and circumstances, weather conditions, temporary and permanent service outages, roaming capacity and bandwidth limitations as well as other non-disclosed service quality preferences and priorities of the third party roaming service providers over which Epic has no control.

    • These factors might result in significant differences on the upload and download speeds when roaming compared to the speed and service in Malta.
    • Roaming data quality of service can vary depending on the service provided by the network of the country you are visiting.
    • You should receive the same data speeds as at home once that speed is available on this network.

    Data speeds in destinations such as Africa, Asia, Australia and the Americas may experience some latency due to the vast distance between these countries and Malta. Latency is a slight delay between sending a request over the internet and receiving the response.

    1. It will not be noticeable for normal usage, but may be noticed by those with higher bandwidth requirements, such as when it comes to gaming or high-volume downloads.
    2. Content and application-specific access and service quality may be affected whilst roaming based on the content provider’s policies, technological limitations and how certain locations, countries and geographical regions are serviced by the service providers.

    All these imply that the service level might vary as it might be localised or more restricted during roaming. Certain content applications may also consume a larger amount of data whilst roaming, leading to data allowances being used up more quickly. To ensure the best possible experience, Epic encourages customers to always keep their devices up to date, by installing the latest operating system plus checking device settings to enable, or control service access.

    1. You can disable this capping and continue using data whilst roaming for the month by sending an SMS with YES to 16280,
    2. Once again, you will be notified, via SMS, if your data roaming usage for the month over and above the data included in your Tariff, then reaches €118 (including VAT), at which point your data roaming service will be stopped unless you send another SMS to 16280 with YES to continue using data roaming services.
    3. The original default setting will be resumed every 1st day of the month.
    • Epic Support Call +356 9999 9247
    • Voicemail Call +356 9990 9909 from your phone and follow the instructions.
    • Lost/Stolen Phone Report it to our Customer Service representatives immediately on +356 9999 9247
    • Andorra
    • Austria
    • Bahrain
    • Belgium
    • Brazil
    • Bulgaria
    • Canada
    • Croatia
    • Cyprus
    • Czech Republic
    • Denmark
    • Estonia
    • Finland
    • France
    • Germany
    • Greece
    • Hong kong
    • Hungary
    • Iceland
    • Ireland
    • Israel
    • Italy
    • Korea, Republic of
    • Kuwait
    • Latvia
    • Lithuania
    • Luxembourg
    • Macau
    • Mexico
    • Monaco
    • Montenegro
    • Netherlands
    • Norway
    • Philippines
    • Poland
    • Portugal
    • Qatar
    • Romania
    • Saudi arabia
    • Singapore
    • Slovakia
    • Slovenia
    • Spain
    • Sweden
    • Switzerland
    • Taiwan
    • Thailand
    • Turkey
    • United Arab Emirates
    • United Kingdom
    • Vietnam

    : Travelling Abroad | epic
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    Where is Epic certification located?

    We’re located in the beautiful countryside of Verona, Wisconsin, about 11 miles southwest of Madison, the state capital.
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    How long is the Epic Systems exam?

    You should be able to finish it in around 2~2.5 hrs. It is relatively lengthy, sure, but the interview process in a whole is pretty well streamlined so I don’t think it’s unreasonable. There are plenty of great previous posts here (or on glassdoor) about the content of the assessment, so I suggest you look them up.
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    What is the Epic assessment test like?

    Free Epic Systems Technical Practice Are you about to take the Epic Systems Technical Test? Working for Epic System can be rewarding, but the competition for jobs is fierce. Make the most of your Epic assessment by walking in fully prepared for a successful result with our epic test preparation package.

    • 9 Word Problems practice tests that will improve your numerical skills in Result Entering, Equations, Percentages, Ratios, Work-rate, and Travel questions.
    • 18 Verbal Comprehension basic, intermediate, and advanced practice tests that will enhance your English language skills, reading skills, and speed reading skills.
    • A Computational Tools practice will help you boost your engineering computational and Boolean logic skills that are required for use in different programs for performing engineering calculations.
    • A Full Personality theory guide and practice test will expose you to a variety of personality questions that you may encounter during your hiring process.

    Click the Get Started Now button to begin practicing or try our, Let’s dive in. On this page, you’ll find Epic Systems’ test practice for Numerical, Verbal, and Logical Reasoning, along with Computational Tools and interview questions. The is developed by Epic System, a tech company that helps hospitals work with electronic medical records.

    1. This exam helps identify potential employees with high cognitive abilities and good technical skills.
    2. The technical portion of the exam includes Logical Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning, and Reading Comprehension questions.
    3. You will also be asked to take an interview.
    4. Epic Systems interview questions require you to have some coding and spreadsheet skills.

    The following preparation can be helpful for the following Epic System positions

    • Technical Positions – Technical Problem Solver, and Technical Solution Engineer.
    • Analyst Positions – Analyst, Business Analyst Intern, Data Analyst, Clinical Analyst, and Analytics Systems Administrator.
    • Engineering Positions – Application Engineer, and DevOps Engineer.
    • IT Positions – IT Operations Technician, and IT Manager.
    • Project Manager Positions – Project Manager, and Clinical Project manager.
    • Developer Positions – Software developer, System Developer.

    Note: Currently, Logical Reasoning questions are not included in the preparation. JobTestPrep employes a team of psychologists and cognitive specialists who use their know-how to create the most accurate and complete recruitment preparation around. Each test is thoroughly researched and frequently updated to ensure that you get the most accurate and comprehensive test practice available.

    1. Take a look at the following sample questions and see if you can answer them.
    2. This section tests your Algebraic Ability, as well as basic arithmetic, combined with percentages and fractions.0.29 is the closest decimal approximation for which of the following fractions? The correct answer is (B).
    3. In order to solve this question, you must first think of a decimal number close to 0.29 that can be expressed as a simple fraction.

    The number 0.29 is close to 0.25, which can be expressed as either 1/4 or 2/8.0.29 is greater than 0.25. Therefore, either the numerator must be greater than two, or the denominator must be smaller than eight. The closest among the answer choices are 2/7 and 3/7.

    • However, 3/7 is actually closer to 1/2.
    • Therefore, answer (C) is also incorrect.
    • In order to solve this question, you must first think of a decimal number close to 0.29 that can be expressed as a simple fraction.
    • The number 0.29 is close to 0.25, which can be expressed as either 1/4 or 2/8.0.29 is greater than 0.25.

    Therefore, either the numerator must be greater than two, or the denominator must be smaller than eight. The closest among the answer choices are 2/7 and 3/7. However, 3/7 is actually closer to 1/2. Therefore, answer (C) is also incorrect.

    • The preparation pack offered contains full solutions for each one of its hundreds of questions, so you can constantly improve your solving speed and accuracy as your test comes nearer.
    • Here’s a Work-Rate type question:

    A toy factory has three machines that wrap all the toys in boxes. All three machines work at the same rate and finish wrapping a certain amount of toys in 48 hours. If a fourth machine with the same rate was to be added, what would be the new total time of work? The correct answer is 36. In order to solve this problem you need to be familiar with the basic formula:Work = rate*timeWe will insert the given information into the formula in order to form a system of two equations (the variables “work” and “rate” are indicated as W and r, respectively):(i) W = 3r*48(ii) W = 4r*t=> 3r*48 = 4r*t / divide by “r” (we are allowed to do so since we know r≠ 0)=> t = 3*48/4 = 36 hours. Another approach to this question would be to understand that since the machines work at the same rate, each one is responsible for one third of the total work done. Meaning the rate of each machine is: r = (1/3)/48 = 1/144. If an additional machine with the same work rate will be added, there will be 4 machines working at the rate of 1/144. Thus, the work completed by four machines will be: w = 4*(1/144) = 1/36 => t = 36 hours. This test evaluates your English language skills, reading skills and speed reading skills. The test includes reading passages, each followed by multiple-choice questions. It is designed to assess your ability to comprehend written information, you’ll be asked to mark a single correct answer out of the available answer choices. Here’s a sample question for reading comprehension: In January the first crowds gathered to demand reform, barricades went up and within hours the news was transmitted to millions. Encouraged by what they saw and heard crowds turned out in cities thousands of miles apart to demand votes, jobs, constitutions and their human rights. Governments were caught paralyzed and watched helplessly as troops refused to fire on crowds. Ministers fell and kings fled. The year was 1848, and if you think 2011 has been turbulent, it has a long way to go before it matches the seismic events of 1848, the Year of Revolutions. In comparison with 1848, events in 2011 were: The correct answer is (C). The passage clearly states that “if you think 2011 has been turbulent, it has a long way to go before it matches the seismic events of 1848” – so events of 2011 were less severe. And here’s another one: Not only are people living longer, but so many women across the world are now in their childbearing years—1.8 billion—that the global population will keep growing for another few decades at least, even though each woman is having fewer children than she would have had a generation ago. By 2050 the total number could reach 10.5 billion, or it could stop at eight billion—the difference is about one child per woman. UN demographers consider the middle road their best estimate: They now project that the population may reach nine billion in 2045.B. Sum of pregnant women. ExplanationThe correct answer is (D). The passage states that “many women across the world are now in their childbearing years—1.8 billion.”

    1. This special section tests your computational and Boolean logic skills, required to use different programs to perform calculations and other tasks.
    2. This part is especially important because it shows your ability to work with electronic medical records- one of the basic skills you will need as an Epic Systems employee.
    3. This section includes spreadsheet-based questions, as well as questions based on a fake programming language.
    4. Let’s try a programming language practice question:
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    The flowchart for a computer program contains the following segment. What is the value of VAR at the conclusion of this routine? ExplanationThe correct answer is (D). Initially, VAR = 16. The IF statement checks if VAR > 4. If so, THEN 5 is subtracted from the value of VAR (VAR = VAR – 5). If not, the LOOP ends. VAR = 16 > 4 à VAR = VAR – 5 = 16 – 5 = 11.VAR = 11 > 4 à VAR = VAR – 5 = 11 – 5 = 6.VAR = 6 > 4 à VAR = VAR – 5 = 6 – 5 = 1.

    • VAR = 1 < 4 à LOOP ends.
    • Thus, at the conclusion of the LOOP, VAR = 1.
    • Therefore, the correct answer is (D).

    This section is common to most aptitude tests, and measures your pattern recognition skills. It includes questions based on syllogisms- cases in which you must deduce what is true based on given facts. Here is a syllogisms sample question: Employees who close over 6 deals or who are titled ’employee of the month’ receive a 10% bonus.

    Employee A closed five deals. Employee B received a 10% bonus after closing seven deals. Employee C was ’employee of the month’ last October. Which statement must be true? A. Employee A is about to receive a bonus B. Employee C received a 10% bonus for last October C. Employees of the month are selected after closing around 5 deals a month, for several months in a row D.

    Employee C managed to close more than 7 deals E. Employees who close around five deals each month are titled ’employee of the month’

    1. The correct answer is B.
    2. Since we are told that ’employees of the month’ receive a 10% bonus, and we know that employee C was ’employee of the month’ last October, we can deduce he received a 10% bonus for that month.
    3. Let’s go over the rest of the answer choices:

    Answer choice A – in order to receive a 10% bonus, employee A needs to close at least 6 deals, while he only closed 5, or be the ’employee of the month’, which we do not know that he is. Theoretically, it is possible that there are also bonuses for less than 6 deals, but we have no information about it.

    Answer choice C – the only thing we know about the ’employee of the month’ title is that it credits the chosen employee with a 10% bonus. We have no information regarding the choosing process, and therefore we cannot say whether this statement is true or false. Answer choices D and E are not the correct answer for the same reason.

    Another type of Logical reasoning question you will encounter in this section is Seating Arrangements. This type of question gives you several facts about how seating or work shifts are organized between several people and tasks you with asking a question based on these facts.

    • Thomas and Sam work every other day (Monday through Saturday).
    • Thomas and Sam never work together.
    • Uma, Victor, and Winona work twice a week (Monday through Saturday), but never together.
    • Thomas and Victor cannot both work on the same day.
    • Winona never works on Mondays or Fridays. If Thomas works on Mondays, which of the following is a possible weekly work schedule for Uma, Victor, and Winona (Monday through Saturday, left to right)?

    A. Uma, Victor, Winona, Uma, Victor, Winona B. Uma, Winona, Uma, Victor, Winona, Victor C. Uma, Winona, Winona, Victor, Uma, Victor D. Uma, Winona, Victor, Winona, Uma, Victor E. Victor, Victor, Uma Winona, Winona, Uma The correct answer is C. These types of questions can be solved in several different ways.

    Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
    T/S T S T S T S

    We know that Winona does not work on Mondays and Fridays, We also know that Victor does not work on the same days as Thomas, who does work on Mondays and Fridays, Since both Winona and Victor do not work on Mondays and Fridays, we deduce that Uma does,

    The only answer choices that fit this conclusion are C and D. Add that to the fact that Victor cannot work on Wednesdays, either, and you are left with answer choice C as the only possible answer. Another way to approach this question is to check each of the answer choices, and eliminate the ones which violate the above conditions.

    (A) The setup the answer dictates is:

    Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
    T/S T S T S T S
    U/V/W U V W U V W

    According to the fourth condition, Thomas and Victor cannot work together. Thus, there is a problem on Friday, which makes this an incorrect answer. Answer choices D and E are eliminated for the same reason. We are left with answer choices B and C. (B) The setup the answer dictates is:

    Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
    T/S T S T S T S
    U/V/W U W U V W V

    According to the rules, Winona does not work on Mondays and Fridays. Thus, there is a problem on Friday, which makes this an incorrect answer. We are left with answer choice C as the correct answer. Let’s see why it is correct: The setup the answer dictates is:

    Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
    T/S T S T S T S
    U/V/W U W W V U V

    This setup does not violate any of the conditions, and is therefore a possible weekly work schedule. Each logic problem in the preparation pack comes with a full solution and is a faithful recreation of Epic Systems questions. Here are some Epic Systems behavioral questions you may encounter during your interview

    • In five years, where do you see yourself?
    • How would you describe your dream job?
    • When it comes to finding a job, what do you look for?
    • Can you tell me about a previous project you worked on?
    • Describe a time when you had to make a decision.
    • Please tell me a little about yourself.
    • Describe five things you aren’t.
    • In your opinion, what makes a successful leader?
    • What is the most interesting thing you ever did?
    • Are you more of a big-picture person or a details person?

    There is an average of 3-4% chance of getting a job offer for every applicant who takes the test. By practicing for the Epic Systems Aptitude Test, you will increase your job prospects. With competitive salaries and great working benefits, it’s crucial for you to be part of the top 3% of employees. Included in our comprehensive PrepPack™

    • 9 Numerical Word Problems Practice Tests.
    • 18 Verbal Comprehension Practice Tests.
    • A Full Computational Tools Practice Tests.
    • A Full Personality Test And Guide.
    • 12 Numerical Study Guides.

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