How To Get Into Barber School?


How To Get Into Barber School
How to go to school to become a barber? A barber training program usually includes an apprenticeship to help students get the necessary work hours to qualify for licensure. The amount of hours a barber needs before taking a licensing exam can vary by state, but it is typically 1,500 hours, which students acquire both in school and during an apprenticeship.
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How many months does it take to learn barbing?

How I obtained my SSCE – Young barber

By Abdullateef Salau & Christy Ajibade

What prompted you into this business? Financing my secondary school education was a big challenge for me. When I asked my parents for money, they usually complained of not having money. So I decided to help myself by learning something and since I had interest in barbing, it became very easy for me to learn.

I learnt the vocation within the period of three months after which I set up my own barbing salon through the help of an uncle. I started barbing five years ago when I was in junior secondary school (JSS) 2. How long does it take to learn how to barb? Barbing is one of the easiest vocations to learn, though it depends on the individual.

If one is a fast learner, it will take between 3-6 months. How profitable is the business considering your location? The profitability of the business depends on location. You cannot compare the profit of barbers in cities with those in rural communities.

I charge N100 for adults and N70 for children. Though the gain is not much but the little money I make from the work helped me meet my financial obligations throughout my secondary school days. I have gotten SSCE certificate through this job and now I am seeking admission into tertiary institution. I believe the business will also help.

What are your major challenges? There are many challenges I face in this work. The untidy environment where the shop is located discourages customers from patronizing me, though some still manage to barb their hair here. Electricity is another challenge and it affects the business adversely.

  • The distance of filling station to the community costs us a lot.
  • We buy fuel from black marketers and they charge exorbitant price.
  • A litre of petrol which costs N87 is sold between N150 to N200 in the village and I can only barb three to four persons with a litre of fuel.
  • If opportunity presents itself, would you leave this work for another? For now, I cannot leave this work because I am comfortable with the profit I make from it even though it is not much, except after graduating from higher institution when I hope to be gainfully employed.

Then I will quit barbing. What are your plans for the future? My dream is to become a lawyer and also establish a skills acquisition centre where young people will learn different vocations. Presently, I have two apprentices, in case I gain admission into the university, they can continue with the work.
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Do you need a Licence to be a barber UK?

Can I Cut Hair Without a License? A lot of barbers and hairdressers start to cut hair at an early stage and while they’re still in school, at training, or when doing their apprenticeship. This is because they’ve gained the needed knowledge, and they already feel quite comfortable with cutting hair, even without their qualification, or L2 accreditation.

  • Luckily, barbers & hairdressers do not need a license to cut hair in the UK.
  • This means that you can continue to work on your clients, even if you’re still mastering your course.
  • However, if you are a business owner and are looking to open hairdressing, hair salon, or barbering business of any kind, then you may need to register your business with the local council.

This is in the form of a Hairdresser Licence. If you plan on starting business any time soon, make sure that you look into this and ask your local council for advice. Lastly, if you are a freelancing artist (hairdresser, barber) and you cut hair at home, you still won’t need a license.
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How much does it cost to go to barber school in California?

In California, seventy colleges offer the Barbering/Barber vocational program, For the academic year 2022-2023, the average tuition costs of Barbering/Barber career program at California trade schools/technical colleges is $15,221, and the average books & supplies costs are $1,902,
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Is owning a barber shop profitable?

Are Barbershops Profitable? Are you interested in joining a barber school but not sure of the returns on investment it will bring? Your concern is totally understandable; no one wishes to lose money unnecessarily on a business that doesn’t provide any results.

  • For your peace of mind about whether a career as a barber is right for you or not, this guide has you covered.
  • Read on and know all about the barbershop business.
  • First things first, answering the question most of you are inquisitive about, we would say that YES, the barbershop business is profitable because barbers are always in demand.

If the barbershop you open is well managed, it is sure to make a lot of profit.

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Before we tell you ways to make additional profit in a barbershop, it is extremely important that you understand the factors which are essential to stay ahead in the market. Here we have a few factors which are surely going to influence the rates of the services that you offer:- The Skillset & Education

There are professional courses to become a barber which help you make a profit once you have received that quality education. Choosing an academy can be a daunting task but go for the one which not just teaches you technical skills but also the business skills.

Your and your team’s skill set and education matters big time. The higher the skill levels of your staff, the more you can charge for the services provided by you. Join the Choppers Barbershop Academy to learn a wide range of skills that focus on making your skills and business more profitable and vibrant.

Diversify your Services Barber shops which offer a wide range of services often attract more customers. The traditional barber shops offered a basic haircut and beard cut but now there are more services that you can offer in a barber shop like shaved hair designs, facial treatment, eyebrow cutting etc, such services have the potential to bring more profit for your business.

  • Also, your own unique style and genuine compassion towards your clients will separate you from the other barbers out there.
  • Location Matters For a barber shop to be successful, it has to be located in a place which is convenient for the people you are targeting.
  • If you can’t buy a shop then there is always an option to rent one in a good location where you will be able to charge more from the clients and keep your business money-spinning.

Keeping all these factors in mind you will need to create a strong client base to make profits out of your barbershop. Without a strong client base, it will not be possible to cover all the expenses that come with the setting up of a barbershop. Interested in Becoming a Barber? If Barber seems like a lucrative business to you and it interests you to become a barber then Choppers Barbershop Academy can help you achieve your dreams of becoming a barber.
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Do barbers make good money UK?

On average, barbers earn around £27,363.91 per year in the UK. Barbers work with scissors, razors, and clippers to cut and groom hair. They usually work within a barbershop and will cut hair, shave faces, and trim beards and moustaches. Barbers style and trim customers’ hair to their requirements or according to the latest trends.
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Do barbers have to be trained?

Work – You may be able to start work as a trainee barber in a barbershop and learn on the job. Your employer would expect you to take a part-time course to get qualifications, either at a college or in their own training school if they have one.
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Is barber a good career choice?

This question is about barber, By Zippia Team – Jan.8, 2023 Yes, being a barber is a good career. The job offers flexible hours and rewarding work in the creative industry. Few trades offer as many opportunities to open your own successful business.

Be your own boss: Some people opt to rent a chair in a salon and build up their client base, while others choose to work as a mobile barber or open up their own barbershop, where they can really bring their passions and personality into their barbershop. Work with people: Not many jobs offer the opportunity to meet and interact with people from all walks of life. Barbers meet clients who have interesting stories to tell, and you get to chat with people daily, which is perfect if you love people. Plus, you play a big part in making people look their best. You have the power and skills to give confidence to men by giving them a haircut that suits them and makes them feel great. Many barbers make good friends and contacts with their clients, which can help your business grow through word of mouth and positive reviews. Work anywhere: Barbers can get good work anywhere in the world, as getting a haircut is a basic need and not a luxury one, so there is always a demand for barbers worldwide. If you want to travel and widen your horizons, barbering is a great choice of trade, as job prospects are good all over the world. Good money: Most barbers make good money; not only do you get your salary at the end of the week, but you also get your tips too. If you master your barbering trade to a top-notch standard and can create sharp and modern barber haircuts, along with providing outstanding service, you will see your tips increase. The potential of earning a good barber salary is high due to the different areas of barbering that is available to work in, whether that is running your own barbershop, being a mobile barber, working for a high-end barbershop, or even a renowned barber brand. There is also the option to work as a freelance barber to work on photoshoots for fashion brands, music bands, or any type of brand that requires a professional and talented barber. Once you establish yourself and build a credible reputation in the barbering industry, you can earn a lot of money.

How To Get Into Barber School
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Is there money in barbering?

The potential of earning a good barber salary is high due to the different areas of barbering that is available to work in, whether that is running your own barbershop, being a mobile barber, working for a high end barbershop or even a renown barber brand.
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Why is barber shave better?

REMOVES RAZOR BUMPS AND IN-GROWING HAIRS – During the traditional barbers shave, the blade removes up to 4 layers of dead skin cells – so it is like an exfoliation treatment. The shave itself is especially good for getting rid of in-growing hairs as the cut throat razor literally pulls each of them out.
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Do barbers get paid hourly in California?

As of Apr 11, 2023, the average annual pay for a Barber in California is $43,892 a year. Just in case you need a simple salary calculator, that works out to be approximately $21.10 an hour. This is the equivalent of $844/week or $3,657/month.
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Can you get a barber license without going to school in California?

Yes. You need to pass the written examination and be issued a license to perform barbering and cosmetology services for a fee.
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Is barbering a stressful job?

I quit being a barber due to burnout. Being a barber can be draining as you are likely on your feet for 10 hours daily. It is common for your knees, back, and feet to ache at the end of each day. It can be hard on your body because you are not just standing but rotating, bending, and stooping non-stop all day.

  1. In addition to the physical nature of the job, there can be a lot of stress that comes along with it.
  2. Barbershops are a fast-paced business, especially if you take walk-ins and appointments.
  3. It can be stressful to provide services that are high quality when you are feeling rushed to get to the next client.

For these reasons, it is even more important that court reporters do what they can to create a work-life balance and find ways to destress during the work day. Some of the most proven ways to destress include:

Take a walk away from the building Listen to uplifting and motivating music Find a quiet space to meditate Stretch

It is important to also destress while outside of the barbershop. Exercise or another activity that you enjoy can be a great way to release endorphins and increase your overall health. Be sure to also make time for friends and family. After all, work isn’t everything! Treat yourself to some “me time.” Take time to:

Plan an outing to a museum or movie Have a game night with friends or family Join a social group (i.e., book club, trivia group) Learn a new craft or hobby

How To Get Into Barber School
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Who is the youngest barber?

Neijae Graham-Henries, the World’s Youngest Barber A short story about how a young girl followed her passion. E veryone has at least one talent while others may have two or more. But for sure everyone has one and it is up to each person to discover and manifest their God-given talent.
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Why do barbers have tattoos?

Anyway, barber shops back in the day, were the first real tattoo studios. And before that, barbers would preform medical services, such as surgeries. The barber pole for example, has the red and blue strips, which signify bloody bandages. Pretty cool eh?
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Can you be a barber as an introvert?

Is a Barber Career Right for Me? How To Get Into Barber School When it comes to choosing a career path, your personality type can be an important factor in your decision-making process. If you’ve ever been subjected to one of those “personality tests,” during school or for a potential job – you may already know what your, so-called “type” is.

It’s pretty likely that the career you do end up choosing will have a lot to do with whether you’re the extroverted type – outgoing (loves interacting with people and is totally comfortable being in a variety of social situations), or an introvert (shy, quiet, likes to keep their thoughts to themselves and doesn’t like the spotlight).

One particular career path that is a great option for extroverts and introverts alike, is a career in barbering. What? You thought barbers had to be gregarious, social butterflies? On the contrary, barbers literally come in all shapes, sizes, genders, and personality types! Let’s take a moment to explore what it takes to join the exciting world of barbering and why you just might want to roll up your sleeves and start changing the world – one perfect fade at a time! What are the requirements to become a barber? One of the best things about pursuing a career as a barber is the relatively quick path to licensure compared to other careers.

Minimum age of 16. Completed a high school diploma or equivalent. Graduated from a state-licensed barber or cosmetology school program.

Most barber training programs can be completed within 10 – 15 months and include training in clipper and sheer cutting, chemical applications (color, relaxers, perms), hair texturing and styling, beard and mustache shaving and grooming, and fades. Program graduates are prepared for the state board licensing examination, typically consisting of a written and practical skills test.

  1. Do I have what it takes? Just like we stated above, barbers come in all shapes, sizes, personalities, and genders.
  2. In fact, the number of women joining the barbering industry is higher than ever.
  3. But there are some important traits that can make a good barber – a great barber! Listening skills – A great barber doesn’t necessarily need to be super chatty or a virtual stand-up comedian, but being an active listener is crucial.

Being able to really hear the client and what they want – or just listening to them vent about their crabby boss – might be what brings them back to your chair over and over. Time management – Managing your schedule efficiently and being able to multi-task is essential when you’re a barber.

No one wants to wait an extra 45 minutes for their appointment because you over-booked or didn’t factor in the time you need to perform a particular service. Creativity – The world of barbering has become one to watch for its artistic and creative elements. Barber battles and competitions are super exciting and a great way to not only hone your skills but also gain valuable exposure.

Being creative and not only keeping up with but creating the hottest and latest trends, is a huge plus. Physical endurance – You don’t have to bench press a Volkswagen to be a barber, but you’ll be on your feet for long periods of time so, being in good physical shape helps.

  • How do I choose a training program? Choosing a school for your barber training begins with making sure their is state-approved.
  • But you’ll also want to select an accredited program that suits your lifestyle.
  • That’s why Boca Beauty Academy is a great choice if you’re looking for the perfect place to get your barber training.
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Boca has been helping students prepare for successful barbering careers for over 17 years in Florida and not only offers flexible schedules to suit just about any lifestyle but is also accredited by the American Association of Cosmetology Schools (AACS).
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What personality do barbers have?

They Are Entrepreneurial – Professional barbers are hard-working, persevering and dedicated. They are driven to not only succeed, but to also express and exercise their own unique haircutting style. If they can’t freely express their unique style, they break out on their own and be their own boss. Many have the work ethic, dedication and drive to become successful business owners.
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Is barber a real job?

As a profession, barbers have many options. You can work as an independent stylist or you might wind up cutting hair for celebrities. Many accrue experience and open their own shop where they can cultivate their own culture of barbers and cosmetologists. The choice is up to you.
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How long does it take to learn how do you cut hair?

Getting Your License – To become a licensed hair stylist you must pass an exam administered by your state licensing board. Each state has different requirements for examinees, but it’s common for the hair design licensing exam to be in two parts: a written exam, often administered at a testing center via computer, and a practical exam in which you demonstrate your competencies in a range of essential hair styling skills.

In applying for a cosmetology license you will have to prove your skills in all areas of cosmetology, not just hair styling, so double check to see if your state offers licensure exclusive to hair design, cosmetology, or both, and determine in advance which license you will pursue. Before you can register for these exams, you must complete an approved training program and hands-on hours.

You must also pay a fee for your exams upon registration. Refer to our website to learn about cosmetology and hair design licensing requirements for each state,
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How many days can learn hair cutting?


Color Keys. Texture Services ( Straightening, Rebonding & Perming) Care & Style ( Hair Treatments & Retail / Home-care)

Kapil’s Academy of Hair & Beauty – (1) L’Oréal Professional – (2)

3 Months + 1 month Rigorous Internship

Classic Barbering Duration: 2 Weeks Basic Hair Cutting (Female) Duration: 4 Weeks Advance Hair Cutting (Female) Duration: 4 Days Advance Hair Dressing Duration: 4 Weeks Basic Hair Colour Duration: 3 Weeks Loreal Workshop: 6 Days (Colour Keys, Texture, Care & Style)

The haircut was taken as a casual business for years. However, with time, hairstyling has changed a lot, and it is now a well-thought and planned process. Therefore, it is no wonder that people today pay much attention to styling their hair. As a result, the demand for skilled professionals has increased a lot.

To meet the demand, we, at Kapil’s Salon & Academy, have developed a superior job-oriented Professional Hair Styling Course. Our Hair Styling and Hairdressing Courses are based on the inputs from several hairstylists across the globe. Pursuing the course will help you stay ahead in your hairstyling career.

It’s human nature to know the benefits before doing anything. At Kapil’s Salon & Academy, a leading Hair Styling Institute in Mumbai, we have designed our Hair Dressing Courses to cater to the trends in hair cut, styling, and coloring. Significant benefits that you can have from joining our Hair Academy are as follows:

An opportunity to get training from certified & experienced hair trainers Knowledge of the latest products used in hair cut, styling and coloring Maximum practice Affordable fees

International Certified Faculty from City & Guilds / Toni & Guy / Loreal Live salon set up for extensive hands-on practice 3000 Sq. Ft Facility
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Is learning to cut hair easy?

Is It Hard to Learn How Do You Cut Hair? If you wish to cut someone’s hair, make sure that you are well-equipped. Aside from knowledge, a barber should have all the needed professional tools that will help with the maintenance and the upkeep of a specific hairstyle.

  1. Here’s how hard it is to learn to cut hair! Cutting hair is a lot easier nowadays than it was before.
  2. This is because there are loads of different platforms where you can teach yourself the needed skills.
  3. Nowadays, you can choose to go to a hair-care school, college, you can have the apprenticeship done, or you can go to some at-salon courses.

There are also online barbering courses, along with some amazing tutorials on YouTube that go quite in-depth to explain the process. Everyone can learn how to cut hair, but each course is different when it comes to its price and difficulty level. Aside from its easy accessibility, cutting hair is not a time-consuming task or skill that will take way too much of your spare time.

  1. Most barber schools will take 1-6 months to finish.
  2. You will learn how to cut hair by working with other professional hairdressers, barbers, and by working on human hair.
  3. The process itself is not difficult as long as you have a steady hand and a clear vision! CPBA offers free employment advice and guidance to their barbering learners.

They also offer free : Is It Hard to Learn How Do You Cut Hair?
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