How To Be Cool In School?


How To Be Cool In School
Download Article Download Article Do you want to be really cool in high school? Some think people are born cool – but that’s just not true. You can learn to be cool, and fake it until you learn. Learn a few cool strategies so you can figure out how to be cool while in high school.

  1. 1 Make friends with popular people. One way to be cool is to become friends with the popular people in school. This helps you start to get recognized by the cool, popular people in school. Once you start hanging around the popular crowd, people will start to know who you are.
    • Start with a person with lower popularity and work your way up. Starting with people on the lower rungs helps you gain access to the group. Plus, these less popular people may be excited that you are showing them attention. Make their day.
    • Don’t be fake. That is definitely not cool. You want to make good friends, not superficial acquaintances that you will drop. If you get into that habit, people will start to think of you that way. You don’t want to hurt your reputation.
  2. 2 Make friends with many people. Don’t focus so much on one popular clique that you end up not making friends with anyone else. There are a lot of people in your school. Make sure you are nice to everyone! The more people you get to know, the more people you befriend, the more popular and cool you will become.
    • The first impression always count. Show your true self, and don’t try to fake who you really are.
    • Make friends with people in grades above you and grades below you. Befriend people in different cliques. Get to know the popular kids, but talk to the kids on the soccer team, the drama clique, and the kids with the rock band. Making friends and getting to know a lot of people will help you increase your coolness. It will help get your name out there more.
    • Making friends with a lot of people can help you figure out which group you want to be part of. Becoming part of a social group, whether it’s the jocks, the musicians, the popular kids, or the brains, helps foster a sense of belonging.


  3. 3 Join clubs. One way to be cool and increase your popularity is to join clubs. Choose clubs that interest you, like drama club or maybe student council. What clubs are the popular people in? If there are people you want to be friends with, try joining the club they are part of.
    • Clubs will help you meet people. As you get involved in club activities, like theater productions and student council elections, your name will get out there so people will start recognizing who you are. This helps increase your coolness, because you’ll be that guy in the fall production or that girl who won student council secretary.
    • Don’t join a club you will hate being part of just to be friends with someone. You want to be part of things you will enjoy. Don’t be a poser because people will be able to tell if you are faking liking something.
    • Don’t join everything. You don’t want to spread yourself too thin or be a show off.
  4. 4 Get involved in sports. Most high school athletes are automatically cool, just on principle. Think about what sport is cool in your school. Is it lacrosse, soccer, football, or baseball? Try out for the team. Just make sure you are prepared for the dedication and physical exertion. Also make sure you can play the game. You don’t want to humiliate yourself at tryouts.
    • Are all the popular girls cheerleaders? Consider joining cheer leading. If they are all playing field hockey, play field hockey. Make sure to befriend the players once you make the team.
    • If you are not interested in joining the team, then get involved other ways. Go to home games. Many popular cliques will go to football games on Friday nights. Join them. Get involved with booster clubs and student council pep rallies.
    • Sports are a great way to make new friends and learn teamwork. They also help keep you in shape and look good on college applications.
  5. 5 Share your food. Once you start sitting with people at lunch or hanging out with cool kids, bring food to share with them. This is a way to start a conversation and start interacting with people in a low stress environment.
    • Keep it simple, though. Don’t make cookies. Instead, if you have a bag of chips, offer them up. After you open then, just simply ask, “Want some chips?” Don’t make a big deal about it. Keep it simple, keep it cool.
  6. 6 Go to parties. Figure out who throws the best parties and go to those parties. Go with a group of friends. If you go alone, then mingle and meet people. Have fun and enjoy yourself while at the parties.
    • Don’t drink and do drugs at parties to be cool. Drugs and drinking underage are illegal. More than that, you don’t want to be the sloppy drunk or high person who embarrasses herself. Instead, stay sober so you can act cool and not make a fool of yourself. Plus, it helps you stay out of trouble.
    • Don’t have sex at parties to try to be cool. You should only have sex if you are ready. Having sex with someone because you think they will make you cool can only end in disaster. Instead, flirt with people, date around, and even make out. You just don’t want to end up labeled as a player or a slut.
    • To avoid pressure at parties, try to not to draw attention to yourself when others are doing things you feel uncomfortable with. Walk to another room if you have to. Don’t give in and do things that make you feel uncomfortable to fit in with a group.
  7. 7 Be nice and genuine to people. Being cool doesn’t mean being mean or cruel. Smile at people. Speak to them. Be nice to people who are less cool or in other cliques than yours. When you date people, make sure that you like them. Don’t just date people to gain popularity and then dump them. Be a nice, genuine person so people will like you.
  8. 8 Keep your principles. When trying to be cool, don’t give up your principles. Remember, you’ve got to live with your choices. Things you do in high school affect your college acceptance and can influence your future. Don’t sacrifice what you know feels right just to be cool.
    • Don’t get bad grades. Most cool kids aren’t the ones who are failing their classes. Maybe they’re not the smartest or the valedictorian, but they get good grades. The cool, popular kids want to go to good colleges because they want good jobs that will make them money. Don’t sacrifice your grades to make yourself look good.
    • Don’t get into trouble. Some cool kids understand when to break the rules and when not to. But getting into fights, doing drugs, drinking, and being intentionally rude to teachers is not the way to gain cool points. A lot of cool, popular kids are actually the teacher’s pets. This lets them get away with more in their classes because the teachers like them.
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  1. 1 Know that less is more. The key to being cool is to not try so hard. Cool people don’t push; they’re not needy. While working on your coolness, try dialing everything back a bit. Don’t be too eager or too excitable.
    • Don’t fidget. When talking to people, stay cool, calm, and collected. Don’t mess with your hair, adjust your shirt, or bite your lip. Try not to flail your arms around. You want to exude coolness, not nervous energy. Take a deep breath before talking, then speak slowly and deliberately. Try not to say “um” too much.
    • Be a bit aloof. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t speak to people, be interested when someone speaks, or smile. It just means that you shouldn’t wave excitedly when you see the coolest kid in class. Don’t run up to someone and starts rambling. Play it cool. Nod your head, smile, and say hello. Remember – less is more.
    • Don’t try too hard to be liked, to be accepted, or to be known. Don’t care so much about those things. Leave the obsessing to other people. Keep your focus on staying cool, calm, and collected.
  2. 2 Don’t be the loud, obnoxious kid. When you walk down the halls, don’t scream, yell, or laugh too loud. You don’t want to be that person everyone rolls their eyes at because they can hear your conversation all the way down the hall. Talk at a normal volume. When you laugh, don’t go overboard. Try not to laugh too loud or snort.
  3. 3 Be yourself, but don’t overdo it. Being cool is about being yourself. Posers, copycats, and wannabes are never cool. You want to be unique, be yourself, and keep your own interests. However, since you are concerned with coolness, you want to make sure not to go overboard.
    • Unfortunately, this might mean downplaying certain aspects of yourself. Are you into manga, video games, or pop culture? Do you like death metal, goth culture, or veganism? If so, decide how much of your true personality you can share and not alienate your peers. Will they stop talking to you if you talk about manga all the time? Are they going to think you’re weird if you start wearing all black?
    • If you truly want to be cool and fit in, try not to experiment too much. Part of the key for being cool in high school is to be like the majority.
    • Try to find a balance between being yourself and not pushing your classmates away by things they don’t understand.
  4. 4 Understand that confidence is key. Think about what most cool people in movies and TV have in common: they are confident. They know they are cool, they like themselves, and they don’t need to find validation through other people. Having confidence helps you not try too hard, which is definitely not cool.
    • Most people don’t have an innate confidence. Instead, they fake it. Fake your confidence until you start to believe it.
    • Have a mantra you repeat to yourself. Say to yourself, “I am awesome/beautiful/kind/smart/funny/etc.” Say it in your head, post it in your locker – whatever works for you.
  5. 5 Use social media wisely. Sites like Instagram and Twitter can help you increase your cool factor. When using Twitter, don’t talk about other people. Instead, make your tweets funny and interesting. Be witty. Don’t flood your feed. Instagram can be another great way to garner some cool points and increase your popularity.
    • Post when you know people are going to be on. Evenings and Sunday afternoons are good times when high schoolers aren’t busy doing other things.
    • Don’t post too often. Once again, the idea of less is more is important here. You don’t want to flood people’s Instagram feed or bore them. You want to intrigue them with your life. Post once or twice a week. Make sure those posts are good ones. Don’t just post pictures of your food or your cat.
    • Post selfies sparingly. Don’t be that girl who always posts a selfie with duck face, or the guy who posts a shirtless selfie. Keep the selfies spontaneous, like when you’re at a cool place or out with friends.
    • Follow people. Like their photos, make sure they know who you are so they can follow you back. But make sure your follower-to-follows ratio is about even. You don’t want to look like the person who follows everyone but who no one follows back. Unfollow people who refuse to follow you back.
    • Have fun with Instagram. Post flattering pictures of yourself, pictures where you’re doing fun things, and pictures that show you have an interesting life.
  6. 6 Dress the right way. Being cool doesn’t mean following all the new fashion trends. Instead, take a look around and see what all the cool kids are wearing. What fashions are in style at your school? Shop from the stores the cool kids do and try to emulate their looks.
    • Don’t be a complete fashion copycat. Put your own individual twist onto the outfits. Wear accessories or shoes you want to, get shirts in the color you prefer, or wear styles you feel comfortable in. The key to dressing the right way is feeling comfortable and owning what you wear.
    • Don’t go overboard with fashion. Dress simply. Too many fashion trends in one outfit will make you look like a mess. Instead, opt for one trendy piece with an otherwise simple outfit.
  7. 7 Have good hygiene. Being smelly, having dirty hair, and not taking care of yourself is not cool. You don’t have to have the perfect body, but you want to take care of yourself. This ensures that you present the best you to your peers.
    • Take regular showers. You want to make sure that you keep your body clean, along with your hair and face. Brush your teeth before school every morning. Wear deodorant. Don’t wear so much cologne and perfume that people can’t stand next to you.
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  • Question What do I need to start a new club at my school? Ashley Pritchard is an Academic and School Counselor at Delaware Valley Regional High School in Frenchtown, New Jersey. Ashley has over 3 years of high school, college, and career counseling experience. She has an MA in School Counseling with a specialization in Mental Health from Caldwell University and is certified as an Independent Education Consultant through the University of California, Irvine. School Counselor Expert Answer
  • Question How can I be cool in school? This answer was written by one of our trained team of researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. wikiHow Staff Editor Staff Answer Support wikiHow by unlocking this staff-researched answer. Being cool in school depends on what you see as “cool.” If you like certain ways that some people behave and thing those attitudes and acts are cool, then see if you can adopt similar ones yourself. Try to hang out with people you think are cool. And try to develop some cool ideas of your own to share with others. There are plenty of other ideas in the steps above for you to try too but you can also check out the other wikiHow: How to Be Cool at School,
  • Question How can I be famous in school? This answer was written by one of our trained team of researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. wikiHow Staff Editor Staff Answer Support wikiHow by unlocking this staff-researched answer. That depends on what you want to be famous for. Generally, people become famous not because they want to be famous but because they’re really good at something that impresses lots of other people. This means looking to your skills and talents and making yourself really good at something, like playing sports or an instrument, singing, dancing, cheerleading, winning spelling or math competitions, writing a widely read story, giving an amazing speech, running for president of a school association, etc. Fame doesn’t come to those who seek it, it comes to those who perfect something they can do that others want to see, hear, enjoy, etc.

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  • If you happen to make friends with the ‘cool’ kids don’t ruin it by turning into a snob and a try hard and remember to stay cool, calm and collective and just be yourself.
  • Make sure you don’t use people, just to get into the popular groups. Be yourself. If they don’t like you, then that’s their problem.
  • You may be confronted with peer pressure, but if you’re straight forward and nice about it when refusing, you can still be accepted.

Show More Tips Advertisement Article Summary X To be cool in high school, make sure to be yourself, but also try stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new things, like joining a club or team sport. As you expand your social circle, focus on being kind and genuine, which will naturally attract more people to you.

  • For example, bring food to share with others during lunch, like a bag of chips.
  • Just keep it casual, so it doesn’t look like you’re trying too hard.
  • If you feel yourself getting nervous or overly excited, dial it back by taking a few deep breaths, checking your body to make sure you’re not fidgeting, and talking more slowly.

To learn how to use social media to be more cool in high school, keep reading! Did this summary help you? Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 580,620 times.
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How can I be cool and popular?

Download Article Download Article Being cool and popular doesn’t mean walking down the halls with your nose turned up and having everyone cast admiring glances in your direction. It means being friendly, chatting with everyone around, and making the people you know feel good about themselves. True coolness and popularity come from being happy with who you are and wanting to spread that fun and joy to others.

  1. 1 Don’t let other people tell you who you are. It’s not very cool to dress or act a certain way just to make other people happy or to make them think you’re cool. In fact, it’s exactly the opposite. Don’t wear preppy polos or strappy sandals or whatever everyone else is wearing just because someone made fun of your unique style; don’t act chill or disaffected just because someone accused you of being “hyper.” If you have your own thing going for you, then it’s cool to stick to it, and let the haters hate.
    • Though “stop caring about what people think” may sound impossible, you can definitely do it if you make a point of casting aside the comments that were made about you and going on about your day. People who have nothing but negativity to spread aren’t worth your time.
    • If people are spreading rumors about you or just saying bad things about you, don’t fight back by starting rumors of your own. Instead, take the high road and ignore these haters, showing that you’ve got better things to do with your time than to care about what they’re saying about you. That is definitely cool.
  2. 2 Let people see you having a great time. One important characteristic of a cool and popular person is that he or she generally has a great time no matter where he or she goes. Though you don’t need to laugh like a maniac in the middle of an organic chemistry test, you should make an effort to have a good time no matter what you’re doing.
    • To make this easier, you should try to spend as much of your time doing the things you love as you can. Of course no one will see you having a great time if you’re stuck in detention or are on your way to band practice when you can’t stand it.
    • Work on developing a positive energy that makes you see the bright side of things, and makes you quick to laugh instead of worry.
    • Focus on being in the present moment instead of being concerned about how you come off.


  3. 3 Do something you love. Another way to get people to notice you is to do the things you love. This can mean taking dance lessons, singing with your friends, sketching, or even making your own clothes. It doesn’t matter what you do; what does matter is that you’re passionate about it.
    • You can also get noticed by teaching people to master the thing you’re good at. You can offer to give people drawing lessons, tennis tips, or even tell people how to be the best at tetherball. If you’re willing to teach other people and help them improve, then you will definitely come off as cool.
  4. 4 Wow people with your confidence. People who are truly cool and popular have an understated confidence in who they are and what they’re about. If you’re cool and popular, then you don’t have to brag or show off, but you should project a positive energy and a happiness when you talk about who you are and what plans you have for your future.
    • Talk about something you’re looking forward to over the weekend or an awesome show or movie that you saw. Make it clear that you’re happy with what you’ve been doing and that you want to share your ideas with people. Now that’s confidence.
    • Compliment other people as often as you can while being genuine. People who are confident aren’t jealous and see the good in people and are happy to point it out.
    • Introduce yourself to someone you don’t know and strike up a conversation with that person. Now that takes confidence.
  5. 5 Rock your own style. There’s no one way to dress if you want to be cool and popular. Of course, there are some stores where “cool” people may like to shop, such as Urban Outfitters or Abercrombie, but that doesn’t mean that going there will make you cool and popular.
    • Don’t worry about having a perfectly-matching, immaculately-coordinated look. Wearing clothes that are offbeat or unique can be much more interesting if you can pull it off.
    • The most important thing is that your clothes fit you well. Wearing clothes that are too baggy can make you look sloppy and wearing clothes that are too tight can make you look more provocative than you intended.
    • Just remember to shower and groom yourself daily. It will be hard to pull off any look if you look sloppy or haven’t showered in a few days.
  6. 6 Don’t be too cool for school. You may think that it’s cool to act like you’re too good for school or like you have better places to be, but in fact, acting like you’re “too cool for school” will just make you look like someone who is kind of boring, or who doesn’t have anything he’s passionate about.
    • It’s actually much more cool to care about the parts of school that you really love, and to make a name for yourself in them, whether you’re a history buff or president of the Student Council. If you don’t care about anything except cutting class, people won’t know who you are.
    • Being a good students in the classroom, helping others with their homework, and taking the initiative to ask questions can actually make you more popular. When everybody has an issue with the same topic but feels intimidated to ask the teacher for help, be the one who asks! People will see that you can speak up for what you need, and that you are brave—and that means a cool person to hang out with.
  7. 7 Be friendly to everyone. Cool and popular people aren’t actually mean to everyone except the other people they determine to be “cool.” Instead, they make a point of talking to everyone around because they’re friendly, outgoing, and like to get to know people.
    • The definition of popular is “well-liked.” If you want to be well-liked, then you need to know a lot of different people so that they can like you. If you only talk to 10 people, then, while they may like you fine, you wouldn’t be well-liked by all.
    • Don’t overdo, however, because it may come across as strange and even fake. Do kind, courteous things to show that you are human and recognize your impact on others, but don’t try to be overly nice, and remember that some things are reserved for you genuine friends only.
    • If you put people down or are just mean to people who you think are unworthy, then you’ll come off as insecure.
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  1. 1 Don’t be afraid to talk to new people. You may think that people who are cool and popular only tend to talk to the other five cool and popular people in their grade, but that’s far from the truth. In fact, people who are actually cool and popular are comfortable talking to people they don’t know because they’re confident in who they are and are always looking for ways to make their life even more fun and exciting.
    • Just say hi and introduce yourself when the time is right. Most people will be happy to talk to someone new, especially if they don’t know anybody.
    • If a new person seems shy or quiet, don’t mistake this as rudeness. It can take longer for some people to open up than others.
  2. 2 Ask people about themselves. Another way to be cool and popular is to show a genuine interest in people. You can do this by asking them simple questions like what their favorite classes are or what their plans are for the summer. Demonstrate a real interest in getting to know them, their interests, and their everyday thoughts and they will be impressed by how caring and kind you are.
    • The fact of the matter is, most people love to talk about themselves, even if they need to be prodded a little. If you get them talking about their favorite subject, then they will like you, and you will therefore become more popular.
    • Of course, you shouldn’t just ask people questions to make them like you. You should work on genuinely caring about getting to know people.
  3. 3 Avoid bragging. People who are truly cool and popular don’t need to brag about themselves because they’re already happy and confident in who they are and know that other people can tell without them having to say so. You can talk about the things you love to do without mentioning how great you are at French, skiing, or winning debates.
    • If you’re really good at something, then other people will find out, whether they see it for themselves, hear it from your friends, or read about the goal you kicked in the school paper. Trust that your successes will come through and that you don’t need to broadcast them.
    • Instead of talking about how good you are at something, take the time to compliment other people, whether they are on your debate team or your football team.
  4. 4 Let other people do the talking. If you want to be cool and popular, you should be outgoing and fun to talk to, but you also shouldn’t completely dominate conversations. The truth is, people care a lot more if you’re interested in them than if you’re interesting, so you should focus more on making them feel like interesting people and letting them talk instead of rambling on and on as an attempt to look cool.
    • Whenever you’re having a conversation with someone, try not to do more than 50% of the talking. Nobody likes to stand there and hear a person go on and on.
    • If you’re in a group setting, try not to dominate the conversation. Let at least three people speak before you tell another story or make another long comment. Though you shouldn’t monitor yourself every second of the conversation, you should be aware of not taking over.
  5. 5 Find common bonds with people. Another way to be cool and popular is to actually connect with people by finding common bonds. You don’t have to have everything in common, but you should find a way to talk about things you and the person you’re talking to cares about, from your love for Drake to your mutual affection for the Oakland A’s.
    • Get to know your audience when you talk to people. The brainy girl from your English class may want to talk to you about books or films, while the sporty guy on your baseball team may want to talk about the Mets game instead.
    • Learn to read body language. If the person you’re talking to is shifting on his feet, checking his phone, or responding in one-word answers, then he or she may want to change the topic to something that you both care about.
  6. 6 Take the time to really listen to people. It’s one thing to be a socialite who knows everyone by name, and another to actually get to know people. While it’s great to know a lot of people and to be friendly to them, it’s also nice to actually take the time to know what goes on inside their heads.
    • When someone is trying to tell you something, nothing else should matter. Put away your phone, stop looking around, and look into their eyes as they tell you what they have to say.
    • Avoid interrupting or giving your opinion until the person is done talking.
    • Focus on listening to the person on his or her own terms, instead of comparing the situation or experiences to something that happened to you. If you find yourself saying, “That sounds just like my break up” then you’re not really listening.
  7. 7 Don’t put people down to look good. If you really want to be cool and popular, then you shouldn’t have to put people down just to make yourself look awesome. In fact, being mean to people, especially people who don’t have a lot of friends and who are looked down upon, is one of the lowest, most pathetic things you can do.
    • If you hang out with people who regularly put other people down, then it may be time to find some new friends. First, though, talk to your friends to see if they are willing to change the behavior.
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  1. 1 Join a sports team. One way to be cool and popular is to join a sports team, if you are so inclined. Of course, if you have two left feet and completely hate sports, then there’s no need to torture yourself. But if you’re interested in sports or have been pretty good at baseball, soccer, or tennis in the past, then joining a sports team can help you make new connections, gain leadership abilities, and work well with others.
    • Joining a sports team will also let you meet a lot of cool people who you might not get to meet in your classes. It’ll help you expand your social network, and people who are truly cool and popular have a wide social circle.
  2. 2 Join a club. Another way to expand your social network and to be cool and popular is to meet people through clubs. You can join the Student Council, the school paper, the school yearbook, or a variety of other clubs that let you explore your interests.
    • You may also meet a different type of person in some of your clubs than you would while being part of a sports team. Being friends with a variety of people helps you learn how to talk to almost anyone and can help you become more well-known.
    • Just being part of the club is not going to make you popular. It is important to really enjoy the activity, express yourself in a positive way, and share your excitement with other people who like it.
  3. 3 Get involved in your community. You may not think there’s anything cool about getting involved in a tutoring program at your local library or volunteering at a soup kitchen every other Sunday. However, being active in your community, whether you’re campaigning for a local politician whose cause you believe in or you’re cleaning up a local park, will help you get to know a variety of people of a variety of different ages.
    • If you’re involved in your community, you may even gain experience talking to older people, which is a valuable skill that can help you become more mature and knowledgeable. These people may have a thing or two to teach you about what it really means to be cool.
  4. 4 Maintain a variety of interests. If you want to be cool and popular, then you should try to expand your area of interests. While it’s great to be the football captain, you would be exposing yourself to a lot of similarly-minded people if you follow that route.
    • Maintaining a variety of interests can help you meet a number of interesting people. Once you befriend them, you should also work on expanding your social circle and hanging out with those people at non-club or sports related activities.
    • Joining a club, a sports team, or a community network can also help you find your talents and develop them. Having a talent is very cool indeed.
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Ask a Question 200 characters left Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Submit Advertisement Article Summary X If you want to be cool and popular, you’ll need to give off a positive, enthusiastic vibe and find ways to get to know lots of people.

  1. Smile regularly, stand up tall, and speak confidently when you talk to others, since these are all signs of someone with a positive and confident outlook, which other people will love.
  2. Try to do the things you like as often as you can, whether it’s band practice or sketching, because other people will find you cool if they see you having fun.

If you’re struggling to make friends, try talking to someone new every day by asking simple questions like “How are you?” or “What hobbies do you have?” You can also join lots of extracurricular activities, like sports teams or clubs, where you can meet lots of likeminded people.Take time to listen to what others say as well as talking about yourself, since you won’t be popular if you always dominate the conversation.

Taesiar Ahrend Nov 7, 2017 “I realized that to be cool I don’t need to have the coolest phones (like iPhone 8 or X), I just need to be,” more

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What makes a student cool?

Download Article Download Article Maybe you’ve already read up on how to be cool but are still left wondering how to apply those tips to your school life. It seems like a high-pressure environment, but re-evaluating what makes someone “cool” can take some of that pressure off.

  1. 1 Join a handful of organizations. Being cool isn’t just about being popular, it’s about being known.The easiest way to get your name and face recognized is by joining groups at school. Try to join a few that don’t overlap – that way you’ll meet the most people and develop a wide variety of interests.
    • One idea is to join one of every kind of activity: one athletic, one academic, and one artistic. You could be on the basketball team, on the school newspaper, and in choir. It’ll look good on your college resume, too.
  2. 2 Observe. Try to identify who’s where on the “social ladder.” It’s not that big of a deal (being cool is about being liked, which is different than being popular), but it will help you know how to identify with people. What are the cool kids like? Are they jocks, are they smart, are they rebels? How about the mid-crowd? Do they follow along or sort of do their own thing? And the lowest tier, what about them? With whom in which groups do you want to be friends with? It’s a good idea to be friends with people on all rungs of the ladder – you never know where you’ll end up.
    • If you do want to be popular, it’s a good idea to befriend one of the nicer popular people; they’ll be your ticket into “the group.” Just make sure you don’t abuse people on your way up. Sometimes friends don’t work out, and then the rejects won’t even want you later when you need a friend.


  3. 3 Be friendly with everyone. Being cool doesn’t necessarily mean you’re popular. There are plenty of “popular” kids that are mean and not actually liked. Being one of them won’t get you anywhere. Instead, aim to be popular and cool by having people legitimately like you. To do that, just be friendly and nice to everyone you meet. Why would you do anything else, right?
    • You probably have a pretty good grip on how to be friendly. The only thing to keep in mind is to be friendly to those people that you think aren’t cool. Give them help when you sense they need it. Say hi in the hallways if you know them. You never know – they could be the next cool kid in a few months’ time.
  4. 4 Don’t ditch your old friends. Just because you’re trying to move into the cooler crowd, you shouldn’t leave your old friends behind. If you try to ditch them, the people you want to join will know — and no one wants to be friends with that type of person. Make new ones in addition to the old.
  5. 5 Act like it’s all natural. You can spend ages on your hair/makeup and just say that it takes “one comb through.” They will admire you because it would take them hours while it takes you 5 or 10 minutes. They will want to be like you, but don’t keep mentioning or bragging about it.
  6. 6 Don’t try so hard. Just about every adult will tell you that when you grow up, you’ll realize that being cool doesn’t really matter and if they would’ve known that being cool is about not trying, they wouldn’t have stressed so much. Though it’s easier said than done, try to relax a little.
    • Here’s an example: let’s say this person you don’t really know asks you out on a date. You say no. Then, they start sending you love letters. You still say no. Then flowers. Next thing you know, they’re outside your door at night. They are trying really, really hard. Is it working? No. In fact, it’s the opposite of working. You wish they had a little self-respect and you just want them to go away.
  7. 7 Value your opinion above anyone else’s. Try your best to not care about what you think other people think of you. Just go with the flow. Why? Because not everyone is going to like you. No one is liked by everyone because we all have flaws and we all have different personalities.
    • This is where style comes into play. The skaters have their style, the plastics have their style, the nerds have their style, etc. We’re all different and nothing is necessarily better than anything else. If someone is judging you, they’re caught up in their small, closed mind. They’re not going anywhere anyway, so don’t get on the friend train with them. It’s a one-way ticket to a dead end.
  8. 8 Avoid being a bully. Don’t be mean to other people in your school just to make yourself seem cooler. In fact, people generally hate bullies, they’re just too scared to admit it to their faces. In time, the bullies lose their power and then they’re left with nothing. It may be tempting now, but in the long run it will only do you harm.
    • Don’t spread gossip or start rumors.
    • Don’t make negative comments. Just because you don’t like someone, or something they’ve done, doesn’t mean you need to voice that.
    • Don’t exclude others. After all, you’re reading this because you want people to like you.
  9. 9 Don’t let bullies push you around. It’s easier said than done, but in school, using your sense of humor and your good social tactics are the key. With friends at your side, you’ll be untouchable. If things get too bad, tell a trusted adult so they can help deal with it.
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  1. 1 Be open-minded. Remember that part above about how being cool is about being liked by lots of different people? Well, to get all these different types of people liking you, you’ve got to like them. Open your mind and try to see that not only the coolest kids have value – that everyone does.
    • Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Zac Efron, Kristen Stewart, Lady Gaga – these are all pretty cool people who were not cool in school (or so they say). This is proof that if you’re not open-minded, you could miss out on some pretty awesome people.
  2. 2 Respect people, Being respectful to others even if they aren’t your friends shows that you don’t discriminate people based on anything because they are not your friends. You’ll develop a positive reputation of always being kind and considerate and being friends with everyone because they can rely on you and that you won’t judge them. That definitely sounds pretty cool.
    • A good way to make friends is to make them laugh. If you’re cracking jokes at another’s expense, just make sure they get it that it’s in good fun. And try to stay away from making fun of teachers – that can easily backfire.
  3. 3 Keep it positive. You know that kid who’s sulking in the corner, all dressed in black, who’s always frowning and talking to no one? Doesn’t seem very happy, does he? Do you want to hang around that negativity? Probably not. If you want to be a magnet for people, to get all of them liking you, stay positive.
    • And will it rub off on others? Probably. Some studies say that just being around other happy people makes us more likely to be happy; and hanging around sad people makes us more likely to be sad. So could you be that beacon of light for your friends? Of course!
  4. 4 Smile, When it comes to humans, we’re pretty simple. We know what we like, and we don’t like, and something we definitely do like is a person with a smile on their face. Not only does it show others that you’re happier, make you happier (your mind actually starts believing it), but it can make you more sexually attractive, too.
    • Try not to put a fake one on either. Keep it natural. Most people can see through a fake smile. If you stay positive, having a genuine smile shouldn’t be too hard to come by.
  5. 5 Stay true to you. Though the phrase “be yourself” is repeated frequently, it doesn’t mean that it’s not valuable advice. In fact, it should be pretty clear between “don’t try too hard” and “stick to your own sense of style” that being yourself is where it’s at, unless you are not cool, then, you have to change yourself to be cool.
    • Think about it: only you can really be you: no one else can. You’re unique and have a set of characteristics and skills that no one else around you has. You can offer the world something different. So why try to be a second-rate version of someone else? You are definitely cooler than anything else “you” can be.
  6. 6 Realize that school (and being cool) doesn’t last forever. In recent studies, it has been shown that kids who were cool in middle school generally aren’t as successful in the long run as their less-than-cool peers. So if you’re stressing about being cool and popular now, try to see that the kids who are cool now are likely at their peak in life.
    • In short, being cool is temporary. Eventually, as we age, we realize that “cool” doesn’t really exist. We move on and we all start to do our own thing because it’s what makes us happy. If the cool isn’t coming easy to you, just wait. It gets easier with time.
  7. 7 Become a leader. The cool people can’t be followers, because they’re the ones who set the trends. Take the initiative when it comes to making plans. Listen to different music, and introduce your friends to it. Start new games, and wear new styles. Not everything you do will become a trend, but being a follower isn’t good for your status. When being a leader make sure your not bossy because this will keep your status good with people who aren’t as popular.
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  1. 1 Get clean. One of the easiest things you can do for your popularity status is stay fresh and smelling good, Kids in school tend to judge a book by its cover, and being smelly is a one-way ticket to get rejected. Take showers regularly, brush your teeth, floss, and use deodorant, You’ll look more attractive, whether you’re a guy or a girl, too.
    • It’s also a good idea to wash your face regularly. Pre-adolescence and adolescence is a breeding ground for acne and black heads, and washing your face can combat that.
    • If you’re worried about sweating during the day thanks to the weather or gym class, keep a stick of deodorant, talcum powder or a good-smelling spray in your locker or bag. Antiseptic deodorants are advisable.
  2. 2 Style your hair. In addition to not being clean, you also won’t attract a lot of friends if you looked like you just rolled out of bed, regardless of what age you are. Take a few minutes in the morning to style your hair however you think it looks best. A little bit of effort goes a long way, even if it’s just a bit of gel or a couple rounds with a flat iron or blow dryer.
    • If you don’t like your hair currently, get it cut. No idea what kind of cut? Odds are your hairstylist will be able to tell you what kind of cut will look good with the shape of your face. You could get highlights or a different color, too.
  3. 3 Pay attention to your clothes. Every school is different, and there is not one individual look that ensures you’ll be cool. At some schools, its the rebels who are “cool,” at others it’s the “jocks.” The only thing you can really do is pay attention to your clothes and make sure you walk out the door with a look you know you like.
    • If you feel like you look good, you’ll walk around acting like you look good, and others will follow suit. So much of personality is confidence. You don’t have to be especially beautiful or especially smart or especially funny; you just have to be confident and the rest of the world may just be fooled.
  4. 4 Let your personality shine through your look. When it comes to your clothes and your accessories, don’t be afraid to have your own sense of style, Discover the clothes you like to wear, the brands you like, the accessories you like, and create your style. Wear those clothes to school and be unique. Who knows? You could start a trend.
    • Being cool is also about being a leader and doing your own thing – not about being a follower. Don’t worry about the people who judge you about your clothing and those that are trying so hard to blend in (these are often the same people). Your own sense of style will attract those who also have their own sense of style.
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  • Question What can you do to make yourself seem more likeable? Casey Lee Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) Casey Lee is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Founder of Rooted Hearts Counseling LLC. With over a decade of experience, he specializes in facilitating growth and healing through co-creating safe and secure connections with couples.

    Casey holds an MA in Clinical Counseling from Columbia International University and is certified in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) which he uses with all his couples. He is also a Level 2 Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapist (AEDP) Therapist and a Level 1 trained Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Therapist.

    Casey is a member of the International Center for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy, the National Board of Certified Counselors, and an affiliate member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy. Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) Expert Answer If you feel secure about yourself, you will be free to be authentic, vulnerable, assertive, interested, and accepting of others. These are qualities that most people like.

  • Question What if somebody tries to make you look uncool and childish? The key here is to not let this be about someone making you behave in a certain way. Nobody can make you be something you’re not. If someone goads you by calling you names, putting you down or suggesting that you’re unimportant, it’s your reaction that determines whether or not you look “cool and childish”. Throwing a tantrum, swearing, getting angry and calling them names would prove to be an uncool, immature response. On the other hand, laughing off the jibes, ignoring the rudeness and staying cool, calm and collected will go a long way to disproving any detractor’s attempts to reduce your status.
  • Question How do I become more confident in myself? Confidence is a skill – this means that it’s something you can learn. There are excellent guides available for this purpose on wikiHow and we’d recommend that you check out such a title as How to Be More Confident at School,

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  • Be friendly and be nice to people. Say hi to people, especially if you make eye contact and they look like they’re expecting a greeting, and be friendly with your teachers too.
  • Being cool often means being funny. Tell jokes that make people laugh.
  • Keep up with the latest trends, but that doesn’t mean that you have to have everything that’s in style. Also, don’t sport too many fads at once. It will make you look desperate and lack a unique style.

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  • Make sure you check your school dress code before you try dressing in style. If you don’t, you can be in serious trouble with the teacher/principal.
  • It’s stressed again that being cool isn’t everything. Often in high school, the “norm” is a dangerous thing. It can lead to peer pressure which can in turn lead you to destroy your life with drugs and alcohol. If being cool means doing things you know are dangerous, don’t.
  • Don’t do anything risky (from drugs and alcohol to getting in fights) to seem cool. Having your own sensibilities and self-confidence is the whole point of being considered cool. It is also not worth the risk of hurting yourself and people thinking you don’t have any class in the end.

Advertisement Article Summary X To be cool at school, keep a positive attitude and be your own, unique self by being willing to laugh at yourself and embracing your quirks. You can also let your personality shine through in the clothes and accessories you wear – instead of trying to wear what you think is cool, wear clothes you’re comfortable in, since your confidence will make you cool! As you feel yourself becoming more confident in who you are, meet others and explore new interests by joining an athletic team, the school newspaper, or a club you’re interested in.
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How do I not look shy at school?

5 Ways to Shake Shyness

Having a shy style isn’t necessarily a problem. It’s perfectly OK to take time to warm up to new people and situations. But shyness blocks some people from being as comfortable or sociable as they’d like to be. Some people want to feel less shy so they can have more fun socializing and being themselves around others. Here are some tips for overcoming shy feelings:

  1. Start small with people you know. Practice social behaviors like eye contact, confident body language, introductions, small talk, asking questions, and invitations with the people you feel most comfortable around. Smile. Build your confidence this way. Then branch out to do this with new friends, too.
  2. Think of some conversation starters. Often, the hardest part of talking to someone new is getting started. Think of conversation openers, like introducing yourself (“Hi, I’m Chris, we’re in the same English class”), giving a compliment (“That jacket looks great on you”), or asking a question (“Do you know when our report is due?”). Being ready with a conversation starter (or a few) makes it easier to approach someone.
  3. Rehearse what to say. When you’re ready to try something you’ve been avoiding because of shyness — like a phone call or a conversation — write down what you want to say beforehand. Rehearse it out loud, maybe even in front of the mirror. Then just do it. Don’t worry if it’s not exactly like you practiced or if it’s not perfect. Few of the things more confident-seeming people do are perfect either. Be proud that you gave it a go. Next time, it’ll be even better because it will be easier.
  4. Give yourself a chance. Find group activities where you can be with people who share your interests. Give yourself a chance to practice socializing with these new people, and get to know them slowly. People who are shy often worry about failing or how others will judge them. Worries and feelings like these can keep you from trying. If self-criticism plays a role for you, ask yourself whether you’d be this critical of your best friend. Chances are you’d be much more accepting. So treat yourself like your own best friend. Encourage yourself instead of expecting to fail.
  5. Develop your assertiveness. Because shy people can be overly concerned with other peoples’ reactions, they don’t want to rock the boat. That doesn’t mean they’re wimpy or cowardly. But it can mean they are less likely to be assertive. Being assertive means speaking up for yourself when you should, asking for what you want or need, or telling other people when they’re stepping on your toes.

Most of all, be yourself. It’s OK to try out different conversational approaches you see others using. But say and do what fits your style. Being the real you — and daring to let yourself be noticed — is what attracts friends. Reviewed by: Date reviewed: October 2020 : 5 Ways to Shake Shyness
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How can I look cute naturally at school?

Download Article Download Article Physical appearance plays a significant role in how you are perceived by others. In a setting such as school, there are lots of eyes on you – students, faculty, staff, coaches, etc.- using your appearance, in part, to form an opinion about you. Looking pretty will help them gain a better impression of you, and help you to feel better about yourself.

  1. 1 Tone and moisturize your face. Toner and moisturizer help to achieve a glowing complexion. Toner goes onto a cleansed face first. It tightens your pores and reduces the oil that builds up on skin and makes it shiny. Moisturizer goes on after. It keeps the skin hydrated, reducing flakes and scales.
    • If you have oily or combination skin, use a moisturizer made for oily or combination skin. This way, it won’t make you break out.
    • If you have dry skin, look for a toner made for sensitive or dry skin. You could also try a natural toner, such as rosewater.
  2. 2 Apply basic facial makeup, such as concealer and blush if desired. Face makeup helps to even out your skin tone and make your face look smooth and flawless. A basic makeup routine each morning before school may help you look your best all day long.
    • Use a concealer that matches your skin tone to cover up blemishes, then blend it in with a makeup sponge.
    • Use powder makeup brushes to apply powdered blush or powdered bronzer, Use a makeup sponge for cream or liquid products. Be sure to blend well.
    • Set your makeup and help it last longer with translucent setting powder or setting spray.


  3. 3 Make your eyes pop with the right color of eyeshadow. Wearing eye makeup highlights one of the most mesmerizing features of your face. Basic eye makeup consists of eyeliner, eyeshadow, and mascara. Choose which of these, if any, you want to use. Wear eye makeup that works best with your eye color.
    • Blue Eyes: Use eyeshadow in neutral colors, such as rose, terracotta, or light purple. Extend your eyeliner past the outer corner of your eyelid to create a “cat-eye” look.
    • Brown Eyes: Choose deep colors like plum, charcoal, or forest green for dark brown eyes. For medium brown eyes, try purple, green, or bronze shadow. If your eyes are light brown, try bronze or champagne. Wear dark brown eyeliner instead of black.
    • Green Eyes: Try different shades of purple shadow, copper, or gold eyeshadow. Skip black eyeliner and try chocolate brown or espresso eyeliner instead.
  4. 4 Accentuate your lips. Adding color to your lips makes them look fuller while slimming the rest of your face. Basic lip makeup consists of lip liner, lipstick, and lip gloss. If using all three, carefully line your lips first. Follow with lipstick and top with gloss. Use colors on your lips that complement your features.
    • Blonde Hair/Light Complexion: Wear hues that look light and natural, such as pale pinks, peach, or rose.
    • Red Hair and Light Complexion: Try nude and beige shades and avoid pink or red shades.
    • Brown or Black Hair/Light or Dark Complexion: Stick with deep, rich tones, such as spicy reds or bright corals, regardless of your skin tone. Skip pale, neutral shades.
  5. 5 Style your hair. Different kinds of faces look best with different hairstyles. Choose the style that will best fit your face shape.
    • Round Face: Wear your hair down with long layers, especially in the front. Try a middle part, and avoid bangs, bob cuts, and side parts.
    • Oval Face: Experiment with any length or texture. You can also try bangs and different parts. Long, voluminous layers would look great, however.
    • Heart-Shaped Face: Wear bangs that are cut straight across or swept off to one side. Keep your layers around your cheeks. Shoulder-length and chin-length hair looks best. Slicked-back or sleek, straight looks don’t work as well.
    • Square Face: Wear hair wispy and falling in front of your face at your jawline. Side-swept bangs and hairstyles that are high (teased) at the crown work well. Avoid blunt haircuts and bobs.
    • Oblong Face: Straight-across bangs with a side part look best, along with layered, wavy styles. Avoid middle parts, and hairstyles that are high at the crown.
    • Triangle Face: Try layered hairstyles that taper at the jaw line. Stay away from longer hairstyles, but don’t go as short as a bob cut.
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  1. 1 Dress for your body type, Wear clothing that flatters your bodies and instills a sense of confidence when you put it on. Decide what kinds of clothes accentuate the best features of your body, while downplaying other areas you’re not as comfortable with. There are certain clothes that look universally great on different body types.
    • Hourglass Body: Draw attention curves and a thin waistline with a wrap dress, pencil skirt, belted jacket, or high-waisted, wide legged pants.
    • Apple Body: Accentuate thin legs while de-emphasizing the waistline with a flowing top, low-waisted straight leg pants, circle skirt, or shift dress.
    • Pear Body: Highlight a small waistline and downplay hips, butt, and thighs with an A-Line skirt, fit and flare dress, embellished shirt, bootcut pants, or structured jacket.
    • Rectangle Body shapes: Create the appearance of curves and highlight thin areas with a ruffled top, mini skirt, side cutout dress, skinny jeans, or cropped jacket.
  2. 2 Choose a color palette. Decide which colors best complement your skin-tone and features. Choose clothes within that color palette to underscore your natural beauty.
    • Warm Skin Tones: Try warm reds (like tomato), peach, golden yellow, golden brown, olive green, gold.
    • Cool Skin Tones: try cool reds (like cherry), pink, blue, teal, turquoise, purple, mint green, silver.
  3. 3 Accessorize, but don’t over do it. Accessories add pizzazz to an outfit. Even the most basic of clothing can look great when dressed with the right accessories. Consider the kinds of accessories that will complement your outfit and reflect your personal style.
    • Draw attention to your face with big earrings, or emphasize your top with a long necklace. Don’t be afraid to mix metals when wearing jewelry, as long as jewelry is allowed at your school.
    • Break up monotony with a belt. Wear a belt around your waist to make it appear smaller, or around your hips to make them appear broader.
    • The simpler the outfit is, the more accessories you can wear. The more complex or patterned the outfit is, the fewer accessories you should wear.
    • Wear accessories that say something about your personality or interests. Consider boho, gothic, punk, or vintage/retro accessories.
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  1. 1 Shower or bathe daily. Each morning before school or the night before, take a shower or bath and wash yourself thoroughly with soap or body wash. Cleanliness is key in achieving a comely appearance.
    • Remember to wash your face with a gentle face wash that is suitable for your skin type.
    • There is more to being pretty than just looks; you have to smell good too!
  2. 2 Wash your hair. Frequency of hair washing is an individual preference, depending largely on your hair type. Figure out how often you need to wash your hair for it to maintain a clean look. For some, this may be every day, for others a couple of times a week. Use shampoo every time, and conditioner if desired.
    • If you have naturally curly, dry, or brittle hair, consider using a hair mask every so often to keep your hair looking soft and healthy.
  3. 3 Brush and floss your teeth. Dentists recommend brushing your teeth at least twice a day and flossing at least once a day. No exceptions. This will help maintain a healthy-looking smile.
    • If you have to wear braces, take a toothbrush with you to school so that you can brush your teeth after eating lunch.
  4. 4 Wear antiperspirant or deodorant. While not necessarily affecting the way you look, wearing an antiperspirant or deodorant will make you feel and smell fresh throughout the day. An antiperspirant will also help to eliminate sweat stains on your clothing, adding to your hygienic appearance. If you are a young school girl, aged 7 or 8, you might not need deodorant.
    • Not every product will work for you, so you may have to try a few different before you find the right one.
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  1. 1 Smile. Studies have shown that people find a smiling face more attractive than one with a scowl. People are naturally drawn to happiness and will gravitate toward you if they see your happy, smiling face. A smile will also make you look more approachable to others.
    • Remember to smile with your eyes as well; this will make your smile look genuine.
    • This doesn’t mean that you have to smile all the time like a doll. Smile whenever you feel like it, or when you meet people.
  2. 2 Be confident. True beauty comes from within. If you feel beautiful on the inside, it’ll be reflected in how you look on the outside. As celebrity makeup artist Bobbi Brown once said, “Feeling confident, being comfortable in your skin — that’s what really makes you beautiful.”
    • If feeling confident doesn’t come easily to you, try this: each day, look in the mirror and say one compliment to yourself. Start small, then move onto bigger things.
    • There’s a difference between being confident and arrogant. You’re confident if you know that you draw well; you’re arrogant if you think you’re the best artist ever.
  3. 3 Focus on what you have, rather than what you don’t. We all want the perfect body, thick lustrous hair, pouty lips, and impeccable skin. Very few people have all of these qualities. Be thankful for the things about yourself that you love, and learn to embrace the imperfections.
    • For example, you might choose to focus on your pretty eyes or gorgeous hair. You might look great in hats or glasses, or maybe you pull off the retro style incredibly well.
    • Don’t forget about the non-physical traits, such as your talents and personality. If you’re a good singer, show it off!
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  • Question How can I look pretty with makeup? Natalie Tincher is the Owner and Principal Style Strategist of BU Style. With more than 10 years of experience, Natalie specializes in personal styling to reflect clients’ individuality, confidence, and comfort. In 2019, she was named the Global Head of Styling for Bloomberg Television. Style Strategist & Wardrobe Specialist Expert Answer Keep your makeup minimal so your natural beauty shines through. You don’t need a lot of makeup to be pretty!
  • Question How can I be more naturally pretty? Natalie Tincher is the Owner and Principal Style Strategist of BU Style. With more than 10 years of experience, Natalie specializes in personal styling to reflect clients’ individuality, confidence, and comfort. In 2019, she was named the Global Head of Styling for Bloomberg Television. Style Strategist & Wardrobe Specialist Expert Answer Wear colors and textures that complement your hair, eyes, and skin. If you like to wear makeup, I suggest going with something minimal so your natural beauty can shine through.
  • Question Makeup isn’t allowed at my house, but I want to have some so badly. All the girls at my school have makeup and its driving me crazy not having any. What do I do? IiPancakes Community Answer If you want makeup to look nicer and you can’ t have it, just take care of your skin. Get plenty of sleep (about nine hours) and wash your face every day. Wear sunscreen on your face when you go out to prevent wrinkles and freckles. Try to work on the makeup thing with your parents gradually. Ask them if you can get some tinted lip gloss or something, perhaps as a reward for good grades, and gradually work your way up to other things.

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  • Wear minimal makeup so your natural beauty can shine through.
  • Use this article as a reference, not a definitive list. Pick and choose which advice is most applicable to you.
  • Trial and error may be necessary to find the right style or look that works for you. Embrace the transformation and learn as you grow!

Show More Tips Advertisement Article Summary X One of the best ways to look pretty at school is to be confident. Since true beauty comes from within, feeling confident on the inside will help you look better on the outside. Another easy way to look prettier is to just smile.

A smiling face is more attractive, and people will be drawn to your happiness! Along with having a happy, confident mindset, you should wear clothes that flatter your body type so you can play up your best features. For example, if you have a pear-shaped body, you can wear a decorative shirt with bootcut pants so you highlight your waistline and downplay your hips.

It’s normal to have blemishes, and if you do, you can cover them with a concealer to even out your skin tone and have a prettier face. For more advice, including how to practice good hygiene so you look better, read on! Did this summary help you? Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 927,972 times.
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How do I know if I am cool?

Finding your undertone: The colour of your veins – How To Be Cool In School Getty Take a look at the veins on the inside of your wrist. Do they appear more blue or green? If your veins appear more blue, you’re cool-toned but if you see more green, you’re warm-toned. If you see a fair amount of both both green and blue, you have a neutral undertone. This is easier to see on paler skin tones and isn’t the best test for those with deeper skin.
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What makes a person popular?

Why are some people so popular? – Some people are popular because they are likable. For example, they might be positive, friendly, trustworthy, and considerate. In other cases, people are popular because their good looks, wealth, or success have given them a high social status.
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How can I be hot and attractive in school?

Download Article Download Article In high school, girls and guys may feel the pressure to look hot and attractive. To be hot, you need to feel great about yourself and show your confidence! Boost your confidence by wearing flattering clothes, having great hygiene habits, and eating healthy foods. Love yourself and your body, and you can be known as the “hot” guy or girl at school!

  1. 1 Try on different sizes to get your size right. Clothing manufactures use a variety of sizing charts, so while you may be a size large in 1 size, you may be a small in another. When you go shopping, try on your size and the size smaller or larger to compare. Go with the garment that fits your frame nicely and isn’t too tight or too loose.
    • For example, the shoulder seam of your shirt should line up with where your arm meets your shoulder.
    • For girls fitting bras, you can measure your band, bust, and cup size.
    • If you wear a uniform to school, making sure your clothes fit will be extra important. You want them to fit right so you will feel confident even though you didn’t pick the outfit.
  2. 2 Wear flattering clothing that makes you feel confident. Pick your clothes based on your body type, Look in the mirror and pick out a few of your best features. What do you love about yourself? By wearing flattering clothing, you can showcase the parts of your body you love rather than what you are self-conscious about.
    • For example, if you have great legs, show them off by wearing shorts, skirts, and dresses. If you love your arm muscles, wear flattering, tight fitting T-shirts.
    • Guys can try wearing slim-fit shirts, cotton polos, regular V-neck shirts, and straight-legged pants.
    • Girls can wear form-fitting clothing to show off your curves, but make sure your layers aren’t too tight. Try wearing a belt at your waist and shirts with plunging necklines to highlight your figure. You want to look hot, not skimpy!


  3. 3 Get a haircut you love and try new styling methods. Research hot hairstyles online and show your inspiration to your hairdresser. They can tailor the look to fit the shape of your face. Try different hairstyles when getting ready for school, like slicking your hair back or part it away from your face. Variety helps you look hot! Have some fun and customize your look.
    • Guys may not have as much diversity with their hair. You can try brushing it straight back, spiking it up, or a nice crew cut.
    • Girls can try various hairstyles. Experiment with ponytails, buns, braids, curly styles, and straight looks. Tie your hair up on some days, and style your hair down on others. It is hot to have long hair, so try to grow it out.
    • Your hairstylist can recommend looks, hair products, and different ways to style your hair.
  4. 4 Eat healthy foods and drink lots of water. Eat 3 meals a day made up of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy, and high protein food. Healthy foods provide your body with vitamins and minerals it needs to maintain a healthy weight and figure.
    • Aim for at least 4 servings of fruit and 5 servings of vegetables.
    • Avoid sugar and processed foods. Cut down on drinking soda as well. Foods high in fat, cholesterol, salt, and sugar will not make you hot!
    • Try to drink 8 to 10 glasses (2 L) of water each day to keep you hydrated and keep your skin looking great.
  5. 5 Incorporate more physical activity in your day-to-day life. Squeezing in small bits of activity throughout your day can help you keep fit, especially if you’re busy. Even if you have too much homework to go to the gym, you can:
    • Take the stairs instead of the escalator
    • Park far from school so you have to walk
    • Take the long way
    • Bike to school
    • Take a five-minute walk during lunch
  6. 6 Work out when you can to stay in shape. Try to get regular exercise so you feel better and have more energy. If you can, do aerobic exercise to get your blood pumping every day for at least 30 minutes. Work out before or after school, depending on your schedule.
    • Try things like swimming, basketball, and running.
    • You can join a sports team, take a gym class, or recruit a friend to be your gym buddy.
    • A healthy workout routine is to work out 3-5 days a week for about 1 hour a day.
  7. 7 Strive to get at least 8 hours of sleep. Sleeping well is vital to looking your best. Sleep between 8-10 hours a night to stay healthy. Get proper rest so look alert and refreshed rather than tired and drained. Dark circles under your eyes are not hot!
    • If you are having trouble getting at least 8 hours of sleep, try going to bed early or listening to music to help you fall asleep.
    • If you can’t get a full 8 hours, sleep as much as you can and try to squeeze in naps.
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  1. 1 Stand up straight and walk with confidence. Carry yourself with your shoulders pulled back and your spine straight. If you have good posture, you will naturally walk in a way that suggests, “I feel good!” You will look also look taller, leaner, and more self-assured.
    • Sit up straight when you are seated at your desk as well.
  2. 2 Flash your smile around your school! Smile at others as you pass them around school, like in the hallway or cafeteria. Your brain receives a mood boost when you smile, and your happiness will rub off on others.
    • Use mouthwash and floss often to keep your smile white and radiant!
  3. 3 Wear a bright color to boost your mood. A pop of color can make your outfit look fantastic and also boost your confidence. Pick out a bright colored shirt when you get ready in the morning, or grab a scarf in your favorite color.
    • Go with cool colors if you have a warm skin tone. To tell if you have a warm skintone, compare your skin to a white background. A warm skin tone is yellow or orange-ish in comparison.
    • Try lighter colors if you have a cool complexion. If your skin has a pinkish hint, you have a cool complexion.
  4. 4 Surround yourself with positive people who bring out your best. Evaluate the friends that you do have. Are you closest friends mean and hurtful to each other? Or do they offer compliments and try to build each other up? Make friends with positive, friendly, attractive people. Negative people can bring down your confidence and make you feel ugly.
    • To make friends, you can join a club or sport, attend after school activities, and compliment other people.
    • You will feel confident if you know your friends support you and want the best for you!
    • If you act positive and confident, perhaps the friends of yours that are negative will follow your example and try to be positive too.
  5. 5 Give yourself pep talks in front of the mirror for reassurance. Put on an awesome outfit, and look at yourself in the mirror. Tell yourself, “I look great!” Repeat this a few times if it helps you feel confident. Tell yourself you look good until you believe it! Looking great outside starts with feeling great inside.
    • Switch up your outfit or hairstyle if you are having doubts.
  6. 6 Fake it if you have to! It’s okay if you have doubts at first. Act with confidence, even if you don’t believe it 100%. Try walking through school with your head held high and be friendly to everyone you meet. As more and more students start to notice you, your confidence will grow and you’ll feel hot.
    • The more you practice feeling great about yourself, the easier it will be to carry yourself confidently.
    • Don’t feel like you have to fit into a mold. Being yourself is the best way to look hot.
  7. 7 Get support from your friends, parents, or counselor if you have doubts. If you can’t find self-confidence or have low self-esteem, reach out to your community for support. Your parents can help you feel better, and your school counselor can help you practice boosting your confidence.
    • You can say something like, “Mom, I’m trying to look good at school but I just feel ugly,” or “Mrs. Jones, how can I feel better about myself? I have been full of doubts.”
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  1. 1 Groom your eyebrows to flatter your face. Follow the natural shape of your eyebrow and pluck the extra hairs below it with a tweezer. Trim your eyebrow hairs with small cosmetic scissors.
    • Keep your eyebrows well groomed to frame your face and make you look hot.
  2. 2 Apply makeup if you’d like. Natural beauty can be smokin’ hot, though makeup can help accentuate your features. Go without makeup to feature your face, or just apply a little bit, like a dusting of foundation and a little mascara.
  3. 3 Apply foundation to cover blemishes. Foundation evens out your skin tone and covers imperfections. First, apply a medium coverage liquid foundation over your forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin. Then, dust your face with a powder foundation to smooth everything over.
    • Always remember to blend your makeup thoroughly!
    • Take your makeup one step further by applying contour or blush to your cheekbones with a large, fluffy brush.
  4. 4 Apply eyeshadow with a brush, Eyeshadow draws attention to your eyes and makes them stand out. Cover the tip of your brush in your eyeshadow, and apply it to your eyelid lightly. Pick eyeshadow colors like pinks, purples, reds, and browns. You can go with a smokey eye to look extra hot!
    • To create a smokey eye, apply dark shadow to the outer corner of your eye and a white or light colored shadow to the inner corner of your eye. This creates an attractive highlight and contrast effect.
  5. 5 Draw eyeliner on your top eyelid. Use either liquid or pencil eyeliner, and apply it to your top lid. Try winged eyeliner by extending your line past your lid ever so slightly in an upwards curve.
    • Winged eyeliner gives your makeup an extra touch, creating a “cat eye” look.
  6. 6 Apply mascara to your lashes so they look long and luxurious. Place your wand at the base of your washes and pull the wand towards the tip. You can also try moving the wand back and forth as you work your way to the end. This adds length and volume to your eyelashes.
    • You can pick from black or brown mascara in voluminous, waterproof, and length-enhancing varieties.
  7. 7 Throw on a little lip gloss or lipstick to finish your look. Choose a flattering lip color, like pink or red. Apply the color to your top and bottom lips.
    • Lip gloss will make your lips look luscious and juicy, while lipstick will make your lips look bold and beautiful. Choose your favorite, or try both!
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  1. 1 Shower often to keep clean and fresh. You should shower every day or every other day. Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner, and scrub your skin with a body wash. Wash your hair on a regular schedule based on your hair type.
    • For oily or fine hair, you should wash your hair daily.
    • For dry, thick, or curly hair, wash your hair when your scalp feels dry or itchy. This may be every other day or 3-4 times a week.
  2. 2 Brush your teeth 2 times a day. Be sure to brush and floss your teeth in the morning before school and at night before bed. Use toothbrushes with many bristles to reach all areas of your teeth and gums.
    • Keep your mouth clean and fresh so your smile looks great at all times.
    • You can also use whitening toothpaste to help whiten your teeth.
  3. 3 Apply lotion when you get out of the shower. Lotion keeps your skin hydrated and healthy. Choose lotion based on your skin type and fragrance preference.
    • Girls can use sweet, yummy scented lotions to make you smell amazing.
    • Guys can use masculine, natural smelling or unscented lotions.
    • Use deep moisturizing lotion for dry skin.
  4. 4 Maintain a regular skin care routine to minimize acne. At a minimum, wash your face with a face wash, cleanser, or scrub either daily or every other day, and then apply moisturizer to your face after you scrub it. You can also try using an exfoliating scrub 2 times a week.
    • Your routine will vary depending on your type of skin. For oily skin, try applying toner daily. For persistent acne, apply a small amount of benzoyl peroxide acne treatment cream directly to blemishes after you apply moisturizer.
    • Both guys and girls should wash their face often.
    • If you wear makeup, wash it off before you go to bed.
  5. 5 Cut your nails regularly. Be sure to trim your nails when they are too long. You can do your nails yourself or get a manicure. Spending a little more time on your appearance can make you feel more confident.
    • If you are a girl, file your nails and paint them a pretty color, like red, pink, or purple.
    • You can treat yourself to a spa day and let your feet soak before you trim your nails.
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  • Question What if you have a nerdy style? Karley Snyder Community Answer Nerds are hot, too! Be confident in your style and yourself. To boost your confidence, you can find cute by nerdy outfits, like graphic T-shirts and tight-fitting jeans, or maybe get fresh haircut.
  • Question How can I look hot in a school uniform? Karley Snyder Community Answer First, know that looking hot comes from being confident! Boost your confidence by making sure your uniform fits you well, standing up straight, and smiling often. You can also check your uniform guidelines to see what is allowed and what is against the rules. For guys, you can try a different hairstyle. Girls can accessorize with jewelry or makeup.
  • Question How can I look hot as an “emo” girl? Karley Snyder Community Answer You can try boosting your confidence with unique accessories, wearing bright colors, and changing up your makeup. Smile when you pass people in the hallways! Smiling is contagious and will make you feel beautiful. If you have an “emo” hairstyle, try styling it with bows, headbands, or clips to show off your facial features rather than your hair. Boost your confidence and you will feel and look hot!

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  • Always be nice to your friends and acquaintances. Kindness is hot!
  • You should enjoy making yourself look hot. Have fun with it! Go on a shopping spree and treat yourself.

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Be nice to yourself and don’t try to be a perfectionist! Obsessing over your appearance will only make you stressed and upset. Know you are attractive inside and out.

Advertisement Article Summary X Being hot in high school is all about being confident and having a good style. Wear clothes that fit you well, which will make you feel more comfortable and confident. There are a lot of different ways you can style your hair, so choose a style that reflects your personality.

If you’re not sure what suits you, search online for inspiration or ask a hairdresser for their advice. You should also take care of your body by eating healthy and doing regular exercise. You don’t have to hit the gym every week. Sports, martial arts, and dance classes are all great ways to stay in shape.

Being hot is also about attitude. Try to be friendly and act confidently with everyone you meet. Stand up straight and hold your head high. For more tips, including how to use makeup to look hot in high school, read on! Did this summary help you? Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 131,927 times.
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How can I be a cool girl in class?

Download Article Download Article So, you want to be that girl in school; the hot, cool girl that everyone’s talking about? If you want to turn heads, you’ll need a stylish wardrobe, enviable hair, and a confident personality. Being funny and kind can also help. Once you become the hot, cool girl, remember to use your influence for good!

  1. 1 Engage in good hygiene. First things first, no one is going to find you attractive if you look dirty. In order to be attractive, you MUST be clean. Shower every day and wash your hair at least three times a week. Also, brush your teeth often to keep your breath fresh and your smile white.
  2. 2 Make sure your hair always looks nice. Keep it tangle-free and clean. Straighteners and curlers can be harsh and damaging, so use a heat protecting spray and try to use heat sparingly. Advertisement
  3. 3 Take care of any unwanted hair. If you are over the age of twelve and feel the need to, shave your legs every couple of days and pluck your eyebrows into a feminine arch. You may even want to wax your bikini line if you are planning to go swimming, but remember, this is not absolutely necessary.
  4. 4 Have clear skin. Drink a lot of water and eat healthy food, because this can make your skin healthier looking. Also, use acne cream/treatments for pimples and wash your face well with a product that works for you, some people find that soap dries out the skin on their face. Use cleanser often. Use lotion to avoid having dry skin.
  5. 5 Remove your makeup every night. If you are going to wear makeup, always wash your face at the end of each day. Also remember that less is more. All you really need is concealer, mascara, thin eyeliner, neutral eye shadow, blush or bronzer, and a lip product.
  6. 6 Get dressed up. No matter where you are going, for school or whatever, don’t dress down ! Read fashion magazines and buy more fashionable clothes. It doesn’t have to be expensive; you can wear jeans, but make sure you still look fabulous!
  7. 7 Wear some jewelry. Don’t overdo it, but it’s always nice that you wear pretty earrings or bracelets. If you want to look classic, wear pearl earrings. If you want something more diva-like, wear hoop earrings.
  8. 8 Act confident. This is a ‘must’. If you started to look good, the best way to make people drawn to you and your looks, is to show confidence. Even if you don’t feel confident, fake it until you feel confident enough. That means having good posture, head high, looking at people in the eyes and walking like you own the place, with a little bit of a sexy sway in the hips if that’s appropriate! People will see you as confident and will be interested in approaching you.
  9. 9 Have something to say. Don’t go with silly conversations like “what class do you have?” or “what do you feel like doing?”. That’s just the usual boring get-to-know-you chit chat that feels awkward. just start to introduce yourself, and tell funny stories about yourself, and talk naturally, so people will see you as a nice person to talk to. Just that.
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  • Question How can I look hot in school without makeup? This answer was written by one of our trained team of researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. wikiHow Staff Editor Staff Answer Wear clothes and hairstyles that boost your confidence and bring out your best features. For example, if you have a round face, try getting a trendy asymmetrical bob or some face-framing waves. Keep your skin looking its best by washing your face twice a day and moisturizing it daily. You can also give your lips a natural-looking boost by exfoliating them with a sugar scrub and applying a colorless or lightly-tinted balm.
  • Question How can I get pretty overnight? This answer was written by one of our trained team of researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. wikiHow Staff Editor Staff Answer You can’t dramatically change your appearance overnight, but there are things you can do to instantly help you look your best! Make sure to get enough sleep (8-10 hours if you’re a teen) so that you wake up refreshed. Wash your face and moisturize it to help your skin look healthy and bright. Make sure your hair is clean, conditioned, and styled. If you like, bring out your features with a little natural-looking makeup, such as a sheer BB or CC cream, some cream blush, a little mascara, and a sheer lip balm or gloss. You can also tap on a bit of concealer to cover any blemishes or dark circles.
  • Question How can I appear cool? This answer was written by one of our trained team of researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. wikiHow Staff Editor Staff Answer Acting confident—even if you don’t feel it—can instantly boost your cool factor. Practice good posture by walking tall, keeping your head up, and keeping your shoulders back. Be genuine and sincere when you talk to others, and assert your opinions with confidence. You can also look cool by dressing in clothes that help you feel confident, attractive, and positive about yourself.

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  • Don’t overdo it! Simply wear eyeliner and a lip product, especially if you’re under the age of sixteen.
  • Don’t over dress either, like wearing dresses and heels, etc. Wear nice casual clothes, meaning like skinny jeans and a cute shirt.
  • Always smile! It will make you seem and feel confident. It might make other people’s day, as well!

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  • Don’t date just ‘any’ guy, just because you think he is cute. You have to see that he is a nice person before accepting a date with him. Talk to him first, and see if he is nice. Once in a while, play hard to get.
  • Don’t act overconfident. People tend to see this as annoying after a while, which will show up negatively in your popularity.
  • Don’t date for popularity. Using a guy is, at best, shameful.

Advertisement Article Summary X If you want to be seen as the hot girl in school, start by wearing clothes that make you feel comfortable, confident, and stylish. Look effortlessly cool by styling your outfits in a carefree manner and shop for edgy accessories to look truly unique.

  1. Wear minimal, natural-looking makeup that emphasizes your best features and aim for a low-key hairstyle that embraces your hair’s natural texture.
  2. It’s also important to focus on aspects other than your looks, like having an easygoing and open-minded attitude.
  3. Strive to be friendly, approachable, and kind to others and don’t worry too much about what other people think of you.

Embracing your quirks and being confident in who you are will always be attractive! For more tips on grooming and appearance, read on! Did this summary help you? Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 293,399 times.
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Do girls like shy guys?

Some girls may like shy guys, while others may not, just as some women may prefer outgoing men to those who are more reserved. Moreover, some women may like certain shy men and dislike others, choosing to focus on a person as a whole rather than a small sliver of someone’s personality.
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Why is my 13 year old so shy?

Why Some Teens Are Shy – Teens may be more likely to have unhealthy coping skills. So whereas an adult who feels shy may still greet someone or may force themselves to attend functions, shy teens may be more likely to avoid people or steer clear of optional social gatherings.

Studies show that in general, adults are more likely to be shy than teenagers. This may be because teens are usually surrounded by peers much of the time. Genetics can play a role in why some teens experience moderate or severe amounts of shyness.   Teens whose parents grew up being very shy may be more likely to experience shyness.

Life experiences can also be a factor. A teen who has had negative experiences when trying new things, speaking up, or when approaching people, may become less outgoing over time. Teens who grow up with overprotective parents may also be more likely to be shy.
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Is it OK to be shy and quiet?

Shyness is usually associated with being quiet, insecure, and/or socially anxious, Being shy is not necessarily bad. We can all feel shy from time to time, so it’s alright to feel a little uncomfortable in new situations and with new people. If being shy is something you’d like to work on, there are ways to overcome these challenges, so you can still be shy and achieve your goals,

Some people are born more shy than others. Sometimes you can grow out of shyness and sometimes it can stay with you. Shyness is generally associated with new situations and can often pass; it can also attribute to the people you hang out with. For instance, you might feel shy on your first day of school or starting a new job where you don’t know anyone.

Over time you might start to make friends and your shyness may start to go away as you become more comfortable and confident in your new situation or with new people. Here are some situations where you might find yourself being more prone to shyness :

Public speaking, e.g. class presentations Speaking to someone you think is attractive Meeting new people Going to a new place Eating and drinking in public Exams Performing Talking to someone important, e.g. your boss or principal Job interviews

Quietly and passively Avoiding eye contact Avoiding social situations Speaking quietly Nervous behaviors, such as touching your hair or face a lot, tapping your toes on the ground, clicking a pen over and over, biting your nails etc.

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