How Much Does A High School Football Coach Make?


How Much Does A High School Football Coach Make
How much does a High School Football Coaching make? As of Apr 18, 2023, the average annual pay for a High School Football Coaching in the United States is $43,159 a year. Just in case you need a simple salary calculator, that works out to be approximately $20.75 an hour.
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How much does the highest high school football coach make?

While ZipRecruiter is seeing salaries as high as $393,161 and as low as $10,772, the majority of High School Football Coach salaries currently range between $24,480 (25th percentile) to $49,940 (75th percentile) with top earners (90th percentile) making $66,587 annually in California.
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How much do high school football coaches make in the US?

High School Football Coach Salaries The national average salary for a High School Football Coach is $60,724 in United States. Filter by location to see High School Football Coach salaries in your area. Salary estimates are based on 2 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by High School Football Coach employees.
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How much do Texas HS football coaches make?

How much do high school football coaches make? The average salary for football coaches in Texas is $32,978 per year. This salary average can vary depending on your geographic location, setting of employment, years of experience, level of education and whether you coach full-time or part-time.
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What state pays high school football coaches the most?

What Is the Average High School Football Coach Salary by State

State Annual Salary Weekly Pay
New York $47,160 $906
New Hampshire $43,852 $843
Vermont $43,270 $832
Arizona $41,264 $793

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Does coach make good money?

Life Coach Salary – How Soon Can I Start Making Money as a Life Coach? You’ve decided you want to become a Life Coach. At the same time, you’re wondering if you can make a living doing life coaching and how long it will take to do that. How much time will it take me? The range of time it will take you is quite variable.

Some employers hire Coaches right after their training and Life Coach Certification. These jobs still are not that common and are usually in a setting where people already have extensive experience and contacts. An example of this is someone getting a job in Human Resources for a company where they become an internal coach.

They have a background in HR and they have contacts in the company already. Most people in coaching make their living by having a private practice. Some people starting a private practice begin generating a living in as little as 3 weeks after their training while others take some time to build a practice while also working their full-time job.

Have a good marketing plan and strategy, Have a focus for your practice that’s catchy and marketable. Just saying you will help people improve their lives doesn’t necessarily get people in the door. You might say instead, “I help people make dramatic changes in their life in 30 days or less”. Find a kind of marketing that feels natural to you. Is it speaking, doing social media, connecting in person, giving away free sessions, writing articles etc.? If you market in a way that’s natural, you’ll come across more authentically and attract clients who will resonate with your message.

You’ll also be willing to do more marketing as you will genuinely enjoy the process of marketing yourself. Be consistent with these marketing efforts and you will see the results of your efforts.

Get support with your marketing. Most coaches are not born marketers, so it is something new coaches may need support with. Coming up with a niche, strategy, great website, elevator speech, marketing materials etc. takes skills and experience. Getting feedback from a professional will help you gain perspective, develop effective approaches, take your materials to another level and speed up the process of getting your practice going. S chedule the time to focus on your practice and look at the easiest and quickest way to build your practice. Many people start doing groups one or two nights a week or on the weekend as groups can generate a nice financial return and create a springboard for creating a successful practice. Speaking to large groups can also generate a number of clients at one time. Others reach out to those they know and build a referral business. Eliminate anything that is taking up extra time. Perhaps you can leave your job on time rather than putting in the extra half hour or hour you usually do. Hire a cleaning service rather than cleaning your house yourself. Set limits with friends and family when they want to discuss all of their problems. Stay inspired. Remember your vision. Stay connected to your passion and purpose. Serving others is what you are meant to do. The effort you put in will be well worth it for the emotional satisfaction you will receive and the positive contribution you will make in others’ lives.

Can I make a living as a Coach? Absolutely. Many people are now making over 6 figures in coaching. Coaching is now a multi-billion dollar industry. Even during a pandemic, coaching businesses thrived and generated more income than previous years. If you set your mind to it and learn some marketing skills, you too can thrive as a coach.

Some people prefer doing this work part time and doing other things as well. Coaching is so flexible you can work as little or as much as you like. The nice thing about coaching is that you can generate a high hourly fee compared to other professions so part time or full time you will probably make more per hour than other jobs you’ve had.

How much can I make? There is a huge range of pay. Some coaches start at $50 an hour, and then there’s the Tony Robbins of the world that charge $10,000 an hour. The average Life Coach charges $150 an hour. The average executive coach charges $250-500 an hour depending on which part of the country they are in.

Coaches often charge per month for example, a coach could charge $750 a month including e-mail support. You’ll see lots of packages and groups. One dating coach has a 6 month program for clients to find the love of their life for $5000 in a group setting. Another coach had a group for women in transition and she charged $3000 for a 4 month package.

Some coaches charge considerably less than that amount for a group or package. Once you clarify your “irresistible offer” you can charge higher fees and offer so much value your clients will pay you for packages and special programs you create. Start with an amount you’re comfortable with.

If you are not congruent with your fee, you’ll find it hard to get clients to pay you that fee. Be patient in the beginning as you first get yourself out there. Over time, you will gain confidence, skills, clarity about your niche or area of expertise and what you could put in a package or program to be more comfortable in charging higher fees.

In conclusion, it’s up to you how long you will take to transition into being a part time or full time coach. You will need to market yourself in a way that’s natural for you and set aside the time to do so. You’ll need support from a marketing professional who can give you feedback help you speed up the process.

  • You’ll need to set boundaries with your time and energy in order to make the time to market yourself.
  • You know you can make a living as a coach and you understand it will take some time to be able to charge the kind of fees you’d like to.
  • You know your efforts will produce results in positive rewards from the emotional satisfaction coaching will give you, the impact you will make, and not to mention the high financial rewards.
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Book Your Free One-On-One Consultation with a Program Specialist to discuss the Best Life Coach Certification path that suits you well. : Life Coach Salary – How Soon Can I Start Making Money as a Life Coach?
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Which sport has the highest-paid coaches?

Highest-Paid Coaches in U.S. Sports

Coach Average Annual Salary League
Bill Belichick $20M $20M $20M NFL
Pete Carroll $15M $15M $15M NFL
Sean McVay $14M $14M $14M NFL
Gregg Popovich $13M $13M $13M NBA

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Who is the highest-paid coach in Europe?

#1. Diego Simeone is currently the highest-paid manager in European football. Simeone was an excellent player himself and has made over 500 appearances for various clubs. He has won league titles in Italy and Spain, as well as the UEFA Cup with Inter Milan in 1998.
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How much do Elon football coaches make?

The Elon University Athletics Program – A total number of 475 student athletes participate in varsity sports at the school, 227 of whom are male and 248 are female. On average, these students receive around $21,899 in sports-related student aid, which can help defray a lot of college costs.

On average, the school gave males around $25,765 of sports aid and women received about $18,361. The sports at Elon are led by 16 head coaches, 7 of whom coach male teams and 9 of whom spearhead women’s teams. The head coaches of men’s teams make about $183,487 on average, and the yearly average salary of women’s team head coaches is $92,311.

There are also 31 assitant coaches of sports at Elon. That breaks down to 17 assistant coaches of men’s teams and 14 assistant coaches of women’s teams. The assistant coaches for women’s teams make an average of $47,956 while the ones for men’s team make about $72,260 a year.
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How much do Georgia high school football coaches make?

High School Football Coach Salary in Georgia

Annual Salary Monthly Pay
Top Earners $52,908 $4,409
75th Percentile $39,681 $3,306
Average $33,068 $2,755
25th Percentile $19,451 $1,620

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How much does a high school football coach make in California?

How much does a High School Football Head Coach make in California? As of Apr 6, 2023, the average annual pay for a High School Football Head Coach in California is $46,052 a year. Just in case you need a simple salary calculator, that works out to be approximately $22.14 an hour.
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How much do North Dallas high school football coaches get paid?

The Dallas ISD school district has announced that football head coaches will receive a pay increase beginning with the 2022-23 academic year to ‘retain and attract’ coaches. Moving forward, the average salary for head football coaches in the Dallas ISD will be more than $122k with pay range starting at $95k.
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Where do most NFL players go to high school?

There were 19 players each from Houston (TX) and Miami (FL) high schools on Kickoff Weekend rosters, tied for the most of any city. Detroit (MI) produced the third-most players (16) in 2022 followed by Tampa (FL) with 15 players. “Coming from Miami-the competition is just different,” said Cleveland Browns wide receiver Amari Cooper.

  • There is a high-level of competition, so by the time you get to college a lot of guys from other states have a huge adjustment period because the game speeds up for them.
  • What I have noticed from my experience and talking to a lot of other Miami guys is that they never have that adjustment period going into college.

As a matter of fact, some guys say that when they get to college, things get a little bit easier because they played against so many rising stars from other states growing up as opposed to just playing against people in the Miami area. The high level of competition playing football in Miami prepares us for the next level.” “High school football is the foundation for the development of our sport,” said Roman Oben, NFL Vice President of Football Development and Gonzaga College High School (Washington, DC) & Fork Union (VA) Military Academy Alum.

Hometown NFL Players Hometown NFL Players
Houston, TX 19 Cleveland, OH 12
Miami, FL 19 Plantation, FL 11
Detroit, MI 16 Austin, TX 10
Tampa, FL 15 Cincinnati, OH 10
Bradenton, FL 14 Ft. Lauderdale, FL 10
Atlanta, GA 13 Philadelphia, PA 10
New Orleans, LA 13 St. Louis, MO 10

With 14 cities producing at least four players on Kickoff Weekend rosters, Texas surpassed Florida to lead the league in home states. More NFL players (199) graduated from Texas than any other state. Florida (185), California (166) and Georgia (151) each produced over 100 NFL players. STATES WITH MOST NFL PLAYERS

State NFL Players State NFL Players
Texas 199 Pennsylvania 58
Florida 185 Illinois 56
California 166 New Jersey 50
Georgia 151 Michigan 46
Ohio 74 Maryland 45
Louisiana 65 Virginia 41
Alabama 58 Tennessee 37
North Carolina 58 Mississippi 36
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IMG Academy in Bradenton FL produced the most NFL players on 2022 NFL Kickoff Weekend rosters. South Florida continues to produce a plethora of NFL talent as well, as the top four high schools with the most NFL players each hail from the region. HIGH SCHOOLS WITH THE MOST NFL PLAYERS

High School, City, State Number NFL Players
IMG Academy; Bradenton, FL 14 Andre Cisco, JAX; Grant Delpit, CLE; Daniel Faalele, BAL; Hjalte Froholdt, CLE; Robert Hainsey, TB; K.J. Hamler, DEN; Tony Jones, NO; Joshua Kaindoh, KC; Tre’ McKitty, LAC; Kellen Mond, CLE; Evan Neal, NYG; Greg Newsome, CLE; K.J. Osborn, MIN; Cesar Ruiz, NO.
American Heritage; Plantation, FL 9 Brian Burns, CAR; Tyson Campbell, JAX; Khalil Herbert, CHI; Isaiah McKenzie, BUF; Sony Michel, LAC; Anthony Schwartz, CLE; Tedarrell Slaton, GB; Pat Surtain II, DEN; Marco Wilson, AZ.
Saint Thomas Aquinas High School; Fort Lauderdale, FL 9 Giovani Bernard, TB; Nik Bonitto, DEN; Joey Bosa, LAC; Nick Bosa, SF; Phillip Dorsett, HOU; Bobby Hart, BUF; Lamarcus Joyner, NYJ; Elijah Moore, NYJ; Josh Palmer, LAC.
Miami Northwestern Senior High School; Miami, FL 7 Tutu Atwell, LAR; Teddy Bridgewater, MIA; Artie Burns, SEA; Amari Cooper, CLE; Lavonte David, TB; Demetrius Taylor, DET; Rachad Wildgoose, WAS.
Allen High School; Allen, TX 6 Bobby Evans, LAR; Jalen Guyton, LAC; Jaylon Jones, CHI; Greg Little, MIA; Kyler Murray, AZ; Jonathan Williams, WAS.
Desoto High School; Desoto, TX 6 A.J. Green, CLE; Ed Ingram, MIN; Von Miller, BUF; Jalen Mills, NE; James Proche, BAL; Laviska Shenault, CAR.
Neville High School; Monroe, LA 5 Justin Ellis, NYG; Rashard Lawrence, AZ; Phidarian Mathis, WAS; Max Mitchell, NYJ; Kavontae Turpin, DAL.
Westlake High School; Austin, TX 5 Calvin Anderson, DEN; Sam Ehlinger, IND; Nick Foles, IND; Kylen Granson, IND; Justin Tucker, BAL.

24 high schools had four players on NFL Kickoff Weekend rosters this year:

High School; City, State High School; City, State
Bingham High School; South Jordan, UT Lakewood High School, Saint Petersburg, FL
Cass Technical High School; Detroit, MI Long Beach Poly High School; Long Beach, CA
Deerfield Beach High School; Deerfield Beach, FL Loyola High School; Los Angeles, CA
Dematha Catholic High School; Hyattsville, MD Miramar High School; Miramar, FL
Don Bosco Preparatory High School; Ramsey, NJ Norcross High School; Norcross, GA
East Lake High School; Tarpon Springs, FL Peachtree Ridge High School; Suwanee, GA
Glenville High School; Cleveland, OH Riverdale Baptist High School; Upper Marlboro, MD
Greater Atlanta Christian; Norcross, GA Saint Louis High School; Honolulu, HI
Hebron High School; Carrollton, TX St. Augustine High School; New Orleans, LA
Hillgrove High School; Powder Springs, GA St. Ignatius High School; Cleveland, OH
Hillsborough High School; Tampa Bay, FL Stephenson High School; Stone Mountain, GA
Klein High School; Spring, TX Wylie High School; Wylie, TX

Overall, NFL players hail from high schools in 47 states and the District of Columbia, four countries – Australia, Canada, England and the United States – and a U.S. territory (American Samoa). The totals are based on the 1,728 players on Kickoff Weekend rosters.

State Population * NFL Players NFL Players Per Capita
Georgia 10,711,908 151 1 NFL player per 70,940 people
Louisiana 4,657,757 65 1 NFL player per 71,658 people
Mississippi 2,961,279 36 1 NFL player per 82,258 people
Alabama 5,024,279 58 1 NFL player per 86,626 people
Florida 21,538,187 185 1 NFL player per 116,423 people
Utah 3,271,616 25 1 NFL player per 130,865 people
Maryland 6,177,224 45 1 NFL player per 137,272 people
Delaware 989,948 7 1 NFL player per 141,421 people
Texas 29,145,505 199 1 NFL player per 146,460 people
South Carolina 5,118,425 34 1 NFL player per 150,542 people
United States 331,449,281 1,728 1 NFL player per 191,811 people

Based on most recent published U.S. Census Data (2020) Photo: AP/Gary McCullough
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What state has the most HS football teams?

Related: HSFA algorithm turns 10 – In all 38 states, plus the District of Columbia, are featured on the Top 1000. Texas edged-out Florida for the most teams. The Lone Star State has 123 teams. Florida has 121, followed by California with 95 and Georgia with 79.
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Is coach considered luxury?

Is Coach a low-end designer? – No. It’s a mid-range luxury brand that produces high-quality products. The quality of some items is even better than their price points.
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What does a coach do daily?

Duties – Coaches typically do the following:

Plan, organize, and conduct practice sessions Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of individual athletes and opposing teams Plan strategies and choose team members for each competition Direct, encourage, and motivate athletes to prepare them for competitions Call plays and make decisions about strategy and athlete substitutions during competitions Plan and direct physical conditioning programs that enable athletes to reach maximum performance Instruct athletes on proper techniques, strategies, sportsmanship, and the rules of the sport Keep records of athletes’ and opponents’ performances Identify and recruit potential athletes Arrange for and offer incentives to prospective players

Coaches teach amateur and professional athletes the fundamental skills of individual and team sports. They hold practice and training sessions to improve the athletes’ form, skills, and stamina. Along with refining athletes’ individual skills, coaches are responsible for instilling the importance of good sportsmanship, a competitive spirit, and teamwork.

Many coaches evaluate their opponents to determine strategies and to establish particular plays to practice. During competition, coaches call specific plays intended to defeat, surprise, or overpower the opponent, and they also may substitute players to get optimum team chemistry and success. Some high school coaches are teachers or school administrators who supplement their income by coaching part time.

Coaches may assign specific drills and correct athletes’ techniques. They may spend their time working one-on-one with athletes, designing customized training programs. Coaches also may specialize in teaching the skills of an individual sport, such as golf, ice skating, or tennis.

Research news media and other sources to find athletes to consider Attend competitions, view videos of the athletes’ performances, and study data about the athletes to determine their talent and potential Talk to the athlete and the coaches to gauge whether the athlete is likely to be successful Report to the coach, manager, or owner of the team for which he or she is scouting Arrange for and offer incentives to prospective players

Scouts assess the skills of both amateur and professional athletes. Scouts seek out top athletic candidates for colleges or professional teams and evaluate their likelihood of success at a higher competitive level.
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What is the highest salary of a coach?

Highest salary that a Coach can earn is ₹9.3 Lakhs per year (₹77.5k per month).
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What is the hardest sport to coach?

The Most Difficult Game To Coach? Tue, Mar 30, 2010 | By Hugh Hewitt On yesterday’s program I raised the question of which sport is the most difficult to coach. The agreement yesterday was that baseball was the most complex of the sports, and thus the most difficult to coach.

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Today arrives a missive from one of the game’s great statisticians: Baseball is America’s GREATEST, not most complex, sport. The question was asked: which is the most complex sport. What do we mean by complexity? By complexity we mean many interconnected parts, or an involved arrangement of parts. Right? Complexity is a measure of the number of possibilities.

In the context of sports, an effective defense has to meet the possible choices of the offense. Thus, the number of possible ways a player or team can create an offense is important. If a player or team has a more diverse set of offensive plays, the other side may not be able to defend against each play.

Let’s take the first play in each sport; how many mechanisms are there toscore? (Ignoring decoys, screens, stunts, pick-and rolls, et cetera justfor the sake of simplicity)In football you have a quarterback, a fullback, a halfback, two tight endsand two wide receivers; there are 8 ways to score on the first play of agame. Defensively the other team has at least thirty-seven variables todefend against.AA to BA to CA to DA to EA to FA to GA to B to C (just 1 lateral pass) (30 COMBINATIONS OF THIS)In basketball five different players can score on the first play of thegame. Defensively the other team has at least five variables to defendagainst.Point GuardShooting GuardSwing ManForwardCenterThere is a 24 second shot clock in the NBA; let’s say 5 different playerscan touch the ball within the 24 seconds, 5 x 4 x 3 x 2 x 1 = 120 possible different combinations of ball handlers the other team would have to defend against

In baseball only one player can score on the first play of the game. This isyour lead-off hitter, who unless his name is Rickey Henderson, will probably not score in his first at-bat of the game. Defensively there is only one threat to defend against. In a matter of seconds (no more than about 7) in football the offensive anddefensive coordinators must have 11 guys simultaneously making the correct decision, and if any of them falter disastrous consequences are likely to ensue – 7 points.

  1. In a matter of seconds (as many as 24) basketball all 5 guys on the court must be in sync, and if any of them falter disastrous consequences are likely to ensue – 2 of not 3 points.
  2. In baseball in the first play of the game there is just one hitter vs.
  3. One pitcher prior to ball contact.
  4. There is no coordination with other players per se save for some defensive positioning; the pitcher may make a mistake, and if he does that can result in 1 run.

The one pitcher is less likely to make a mistake than one or more of the 11 football players, or one or more of the 5 basketball players. Because off all the “moving parts” and defensivecombinations a football player is more likely to make a mistake than eithera basketball player or a baseball player defensively; and for the samereasons a basketball player is more likely to make a mistake than a baseball player.

You could also perform this same analysis on a “possession” basisthere are usually 9 possessions in baseball; more possessions than that in football, and many more possessions than that in basketball – therefore there are many more opportunities to score over the course of a basketball game than in either football or baseball (not to mention an extraordinary level of potential scoring permutations and combinations), and more opportunities to score in football than in baseball.

On a possession basis basketball is the most complex sport, followed by football and baseball. The fact that a baseball season has more events does not make it a morecomplex “game.” A single baseball game is not more complex than a single basketball or football game.

You could perhaps make an argument that baseball has a more complex “season” because there are more games and as a result there are a greater number of possibilitiesbut that wasn’t the questionand IT MISSES THE POINT. WHO CARES ABOUT COMPLEX? All that matters is great. It is as true to us today as it was to Walt Whitman and Mark Twain over 100years ago that BASEBALL IS AMERICA’S GREATEST SPORT, not because of”complexity – it is baseball’s elegance; its simplicity and consistency ofdesign, focusing on the main features of the contestat the plate managainst man, in the field part of a teamit is dignified gracefulness thatmakes it our greatest sport.

It has 162 games in a season not because that makes it “more complex” – it’s because we couldn’t stand it if there were only 82 or 16 baseball games like basketball and footballbaseball season ends and we stare out the window until its spring again. Football season ends and we say, “Pitchers and catchers report next month!” It’s also God’s game because anyone who ever saw Nolan Ryan throw ano-hitterwas there to see Rickey Henderson get his 3000th hit on thesame day Tony Gwynn played his last gameor watched Derek Jeter execute a perfect hit and runor watched Dick Williams manage a game against Sparky Andersonor saw Johnny Bench park one into the second deckor cried when Cal Ripkin and Tony Gwynn went into the Hall of Fame togethergot a taste of what it must feel like in heaven.
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What is the most paid athletic sport?

Highest Paying Sports in the World Basketball is the highest paid sport in the world, with the average annual salary in the NBA in 2023 being nearly $10.5 million. This is more than double the average salary in the NFL, which sits in second place at $4.5 million.
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How much do NFL kickers make?

What do NFL kickers make on average in 2022? – In total, the 44 kickers on the books in the NFL for the 2022-23 season make around $110 million combined. That puts the average kicker salary at around $2.5 million.
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Who is the highest-paid high school football coach in America?

Let that sink in. The highest-paid high school football coach remaining among those 32 coaches was the aforementioned Hank Carter, who makes an annual salary of $158,512. The lowest-paid remaining coach was Eric Peevey, the head football coach of West Brook in Beaumont, Texas.
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What is the highest salary of a coach?

Highest salary that a Coach can earn is ₹9.3 Lakhs per year (₹77.5k per month).
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How much do top high school football coaches make in Texas?

High School Football Coach Salary in Texas

Annual Salary Monthly Pay
Top Earners $59,801 $4,983
75th Percentile $44,851 $3,737
Average $32,922 $2,743
25th Percentile $21,985 $1,832

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